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Here Did Meet - December 7th, AS49 - St Catherine's Faire - Ildhafn - Baronial Rapier Tourney

Submitted by Maximilian von ... on December 11, 2014 - 1:36pm

On the Seventh of December, Anno Societatis Forty Nine, on the list field of St Catherine's Faire in the Barony of Ildhafn did meet:

Queen Liadan ingen Fheradaig
Sir Inigo de Messaglia
Don William de Cameron
Don Emrys Twdr
Baron Oswyn Carolus
Baroness Cicilia Lyon
Lord Ludwig von Regensburg
Lady Anna de Wilde
Lady Katherine of Glastonbury
Lady Eleanor Hall
Lord James of Southron Gaard
Lisbet of Ildhafn

The outgoing Baronial Rapier Champion, Don Emrys Twdr was the Marshal in charge, and he had devised a handicap format.  Those who had previously won a tournament, and those who had a rank in the guild of defense, had restricted weapons forms compared to less proven combatants - scroll down for futher details.  The tourney format was a Round Robin, single bout, double kills refought.

It should be noted that Sir Inigo de Messaglia was at the time, the Kingdom's newest Rapier fighter, having just achieved his first Rapier authorisation minutes before the tournament.  There was one withdrawl from the tournament, Lady Eleanor Hall had to withdraw to attend to stewarding duties after the 6th round.

Round 1 Victor Round 2 Victor Round 3 Victor
Don William vs Lord James William Don William vs Don Emrys William Don William vs Lady Eleanor William
Don Emrys vs Lady Eleanor Emrys Lady Elanor vs Lord James Eleanor Don Emrys vs Lord James Emrys
Baroness Cicilia vs Lisbet Cicilia Lady Anna vs Lisbet Anna Baroness Cicilia vs Lady Anna Cicila
Baron Oswyn vs Lady Anna Oswyn Baron Oswyn vs Baroness Cecilia Oswyn Baron Oswyn vs Lisbet Oswyn
Queen Liadan vs Lord Ludwig Liadan Queen Liadan vs Sir Inigo Liadan Queen Liadan vs Lady Katherine Liadan
Sir Inigo vs Lady Katherine Inigo Lord Ludwig vs Lady Katherine Ludwig Sir Inigo vs Lord Ludwig Ludwig


Round 4 Victor Round 5 Victor Round 6 Victor
Don William vs Lisbet Lisbet Queen Liadan vs Don William Liadan Don William vs Lord Ludwig William
Baroness Cicilia vs Lord James Cicilia Lord Ludwig vs Lord James Ludwig Queen Liadan vs Lord James Liadan
Queen Liadan vs Don Emrys Liadan Don Emrys vs Lisbet Emrys Don Emrys vs Baron Oswyn Oswyn
Lord Ludwig vs Lady Eleanor Ludwig Baroness Cicilia vs Lady Eleanor Cicilia Lady Anna vs Lady Eleanor Anna
Sir Inigo vs Lady Anna Inigo Lady Anna vs Lady Katherine Katherine Lady Katherine vs Lisbet Katherine
Baron Oswyn vs Lady Katherine Oswyn Sir Inigo vs Baron Oswyn Oswyn Sir Inigo vs Baroness Cicilia Inigo


Round 7 Victor Round 8 Victor Round 9 Victor
Lady Anna vs Lord James James Sir Inigo vs Don William Inigo Don William vs Baroness Cicilia William
Don William vs Lady Katherine William Don Emrys vs Lady Katherine Emrys Lord James vs Lisbet James
Don Emrys vs Baroness Cecilia Cicilia Baron Oswyn vs Lord James Oswyn Sir Inigo vs Don Emrys Emrys
Queen Liadan vs Baron Oswyn Liadan Queen Liadan vs Baroness Cicilia Cicilia Queen Liadan vs Lady Anna Anna
Lord Ludwig vs Lisbet Ludwig Lord Ludwig vs Lady Anna Ludwig Baron Oswyn vs Lord Ludwig Oswyn
Sir Inigo had the Bye   Lisbet had the Bye.   Lady Katherine had the Bye  


Round 10 Victor Round 11 Victor
Don William vs Lady Anna Anna Lady Katherine vs Lord James James
Sir Inigo vs Lord James Inigo Don Emrys vs Lady Anna Anna
Don Emrys vs Lord Ludwig Ludwig Sir Inigo vs Lisbet Inigo
Baroness Cicilia vs Lady Katherine Cicilia Baroness Cicila vs Lord Ludwig Cicilia
Queen Liadan vs Lisbet Liadan Don William vs Baron Oswyn William
Baron Oswyn had the Bye   Queen Liadan had the Bye  

After the 11th round, there was a brief consultation with their Excellencies Ildhafn, and His Majesty King Niall, as there was a 3 way tie for first place in the tournament, and Ildhafn needed a new rapier champion.  It was his majesties pleasure that a 3 may melee should be taken between the contenders.  Baroness Cicilia, Baron Oswyn, and Her Majesty Queen Liadan. 

As they took the field, the Queen asked her Baron Oswyn for a truce while they defeated Cicilia, the only Ildhafn fighter left on the field.  The King advised Oswyn not to trust the Queen's words, and it the tension between the spectators was palpable.  Would the truce hold?  Would there be a betrayal?  Would Ildhafn be left with a foreign champion?

The melee met quickly, and Cicilia fell before the combined onslaught.  And the biggest surprise for spectators was no betrayal between Queen and Baron.  They spared off, and afterwards, the Queen stood victorious.

At the conferment of the Baronial Champion's cloak, Her Majesty took the cloak with grace, and passed it to Baroness Cicilia to take the active duties of Champion, since her home barony is so far from our shores.

Tourney Herald:
The Blue Lymphad Herald - Lady Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona

Lists by:
Lord Maximilian von Monsterberg

Handicap System and tournament format

At St Catherine's Fair this weekend as tradition demands there will be a tournament to select the Ildhafn Baronial Rapier Champion.

All bouts shall use standard rapier rules, with tip cuts allowed but no grasping of blades. Sidesword and blade grasping rules are allowed only if both fencers wish it.

This year will see a round robin, single kill tournament with an additional handicap as follows.

The handicap system:

Fencers will each be ranked as follows:

  • 1st rank: Provosts, Guildmasters and Whitescarves
  • 2nd rank: Journeymen, Free Scholars and winners of other tournaments
  • 3rd rank: Everyone else

Weapons combinations are similarly rated:

  • 1st rate: Two offensive weapons: Sword and Dagger or Case
  • 2nd rate: Sword and defensive offhand (cape, buckler, etc)
  • 3rd rate: Single sword

If the two fencers are equally rated they can fight with any combination that they wish.If the fencers are not equally rated then the junior fencer can choose their weapons and the senior fencer must choose a weapon combination of a suitably lower rank to a minimum of single sword.i.e. If a 3rd Rank fencer meets a Guild Master then that fencer can choose Sword and dagger and the Guildmaster being two ranks above must take single sword (two step below the sword and dagger combination)A second rank fencer chooses sword and dagger against a Guildmaster. The Guildmaster can choose sword and defensive off hand (one step difference). If the second rank fencer chooses sword and cloak (2nd rate) then the Guildmaster must take single sword (3rd rate).

~ Emrys Twdr

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