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Chores List for St Catherine's Fair 2014

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Chores roster, for St Catherine's Faire 2014.

So we can make the event one that all of us can enjoy, we require all of our attendees to help out with chores.

We've tried to take into account preferences from booking forms, when people will be on site, and the requests of cooks.

If you're going to be unable to do one of your chores due to other commitments (e.g. not being on site at that time), please email the steward to let them know as soon as possible.

The schedule for the event is here.

If you'd like to swap chores with someone, then the Ildhafn and Cluain mailing list might be a good way to ask who might want to swap. Please let the stewards know about any swaps you've made!

During the event, please turn up for your chores; it makes everyone's event more fun, and saves the stewards from having to nag you about it.

Marshal in Charge - Don Emrys Twdr

Court Herald - THL Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona

Attendants for TRM - Lady Katherine of Glastonbury, Lady Elizabeth Braythwayte, Lady Catherine Nuovo, Mistress Amalie von Brisache, Baroness Alexandra de Santiago.



St Catherine's Faire Chores Roster

Time Duty Person in charge Helpers Location


Unload Float Anna Ludwig, Max and Amira  


Site signage Anna    


Toilet paper, soap, towels  Bhrighde   all bathrooms


Prepare Royal Chambers Anna   Bunkroom with Ensuite
Noon  Hall set up Katherine Kerr Bartholomew and Catherine Nuovo Decorate both halls
2pm Set up kitchen Katherine of Glastonbury Catherine Nuovo  Kitchen

When it arrives

Move firewood Rudiger James of Southrongaard  




Dinner prep Geffery and Gareth Bartholomew and Katherine Kerr Kitchen
After dinner Dinner cleanup Geffery and Gareth Aleyonora and Krautesh Scullery and kitchen
  Hall cleanup   William de Cameron wipe tables sweep floor in hall
from 2pm Gate Bhrighde    
8pm Quiz Anna and Max    
Evening Attendants for TRM Katherine of Glastonbury    
When dark Bonfire



7am - done

Breakfast prep Lisbet  Emrys and Ed kitchen
after breakfast Breakfast cleanup Lisbet Oswyn and Albert scullery and kitchen
  Hall clean up Leonhart   wipe tables sweep floor of hall
8am-noon Gate Eleanor     
3pm-7pm Gate Eleanor     
9:00am List field setup William de Cameron  James of Southrongaard, Grim  
9:30am Court set up Eleanor  Bartholomew  
9:00am Archery field setup Gareth and Geffery    
10.30am Ball hall setup Katherina Amalie  
10-12pm  Lunch prep  Ludwig  Amira and Robert Dolby  
after lunch Lunch cleanup  Ludwig  Max and Clare  
  Hall cleanup   Llewellyn    
2.30pm Armour inspections  Emrys -Marshal in charge    
3pm Marshal  Whoever can marshal (organised on the day)    
3pm Herald for Heavy Tourney  Vettoria    
3pm Lists for Heavy Tourney Bhridghe and Alexandra de Santiago    
5-6pm  Feast Hall set up Max Jing and Daying  
Through out the feast Oil filler etc  Albert    
After the feast  Feast hall cleanup  Idonea James of Southrongaard  
10pm Toilet check  Leonhart    all toilets
When dark Bonfire  Bhridghe    
All day Attendants for TRM Elizabeth Braythewayte and Catherine Nuovo    
10-12pm Feast prep Isabel Mahesti kitchen
2-4pm Feast prep Isabel Idonea, Elena and Ian kitchen
4-6pm Feast prep Isabel Alexandra A. Ed and Llewellyn kitchen
Feast      First course plating Anna Robert Dolby kitchen
First course dishes Alexandra de Santiago Grim and Cecilia scullery
Second course plating Anna Mahesti  
Second course dishes Idonea Emrys   
Final course plating Anna Clare  
Final course dishes Leonhart Amalie  and Inigo  


Breakfast prep Katherine of Glastonbury  Ed and Ian kitchen
after breakfast Breakfast cleanup Katherine of Glastonbury Alexandra A. and Aleynora scullery and kitchen
after breakfast Hall cleanup Amalie    
9.30am Rapier armour inspection Emrys - Marshal in Charge    
10am Herald for Rapier Tourney Vettoria    
  Lists for Rapier Tourney Max    
  Marshal for Rapier Tourney  Whoever can marshal (organised on the day)    
10am-12pm Lunch prep Katherina Jing and Daying kitchen
After lunch Lunch cleanup Katherina Grim and Krautesh  
After lunch Hall cleanup Lisbet    
All day attendants on TRMs  Amalia von Brisache and Alexandra de Santiago    
2pm Closing Court setup  Llewellyn James of Crescent Isles  
After closing court     Kitchen packdown Elizabeth  Elena and Isabel kitchen
Hall packdown Catherine N Jing and Daying hall
List field packdown William de Cameron Albert and Kratest listfield
Archery field packdown Gareth and Geffery    
load trailer Ian Oswyn  
Toilet check/clean Alexandra de Santiago James of the Crescent Isles all bathrooms
Bunkroom clean  

everyone does own room:

  • clear
  • wipe mattress
  • tip mattress on side
  • sweep
  • mop if necessary
  • close windows
  • return heater to hall
your own bunkroom
Clean Royal Chambers Anna