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Italian rapier, Meyer Longsword - Oberhay, Mittelhau, Unterhau

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on June 9, 2010 - 12:12pm

(Patrick's Notes)
Hitting (and intending to hit) during drills

Recovering in guard after the hit
Practised: stringere - lunge, lunge into covered line, cavaccione, contracavaccione.

Meyer Longsword:
Revised Meyer's 12 Primary and Secondary stances.
Revised Oberhau, Mittelhau, Unterhau.
Practised cuts on verticial line: Scheitelhau (Vom Tag, Langort, Olber) and corresponding Unterhau (Eisenport, Hangetort, Einhorn).
Introduced cuts on diagonal line: Zornhau (Zornhut, Langort, Wechsel) and corresponding Unterhau (Nebenhut, Langort, Einhorn)
Introduced Schielhau (squinting cut). This worked as I imagined, but David was not convinced. We tried it with the opponent throwing an Oberhau recht, different attack might clarify the move.
Attempted Zwerch (Thwart), but couldn't make sense of it.
Revised defence against Mittelhau in Pflug (by rotation on front foot) and riposte from Ochs.

Addendum: Have corrected spelling of Olber (must have been thinking of troubador music).

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