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Dancing through the alphabet

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on September 26, 2014 - 9:55am

Dances from A-M.

We were feeling a little silly, and decided to see how far we could dance through the alphabet. On most letters we were spoiled for choice, some were tricky.

  • A is for Anello
  • B is for Branles (Branle des Pois, in this case)
  • C is for Contentezza d'Amore 
  • D is for the Danse de Cleves
  • E is for the Earl of Essex Measure
  • F is for la Figlia di Guglielmino (we also considered Fiamma d'Amore)
  • G is for the Gay branle
  • H is for the Hay branle
  • (I is for Ingrata, but we don't know it)
  • (J is for Jouissance vous donneray, but we didn't feel like it)
  • (K is a mystery, but just may be Kemp's jig)
  • L is for Leoncello
  • M is for the Montarde branle

We spent most of our time on Contentezza and La Figlia (new to Ian) and the Danse de Cleves (which we'd not done for a long time). Also, of course, on coming up with possibilities for the rest of the alphabet.

We cautiously propose, for another night, or perhaps an alphabetical ball:

  • N is for the New Almain
  • O is for the Old Almain
  • P is for Pavanes
  • Q is for the Quadran Pavan
  • R is for Rostiboli Gioioso
  • S is for Spagnoletta
  • T is for Triory
  • (U counts as V at the start of words; or we'll have to invent an Ungaresca)
  • V is for Verceppe
  • W is for the Washerwomen's branle (because Lavandieres doesn't start with W)
  • X and Y are troublesome letters
  • Z is for Zoglioxa

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