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May-July A&S report

Submitted by William de Cameron on August 16, 2014 - 12:05pm

Regular weekly events

Attendance at Sunday A&S is variable depending on the weather and what else people have on, but continues to be a good get-together for the group and a chance for people to talk about what they've been working on recently.

Monday night music practice has become a regular occurance, and the musicians demonstrated their skills at the Bloth in June to great acclaim.

Wednesday singing and Thursday dancing continue to be well attended. As the core group for both will be performing in a non-SCA early music and dance show in early September, the weekly practices will be suspended for a few weeks in mid-late August.

Sunday singing has ceased as a regular event for now, but may return if there is interest.

Distributed library project

Nothing has happened on this yet, due to other time commitments.

I am looking at setting up, either on the Baronial website or using another tool like LibraryThing, some system where people can choose to list which books they've got that they're prepared to let other people use or borrow. I hope that this might help people access some of the rarer or more expensive books which exist in the Barony but that people might not know are around.