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29th of June

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on July 23, 2014 - 8:14pm

In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal), David (A&S), Katherine (Web), Shannon W (Herald), Nora (Reeve), Nadia (Rapier), Jessica R, Angela (late), Will (late).


Apologies: Robb, Nicola

Opened: 7:06

Some verbal reports were received at Bloth.

Herald: Two volunteers have been found to assist in preparing and processing name/device submissions.

Web: I am assisting with Cluain events.  Progress is being made on the Cluain website.

Reeve: Domesday report: $2 missing event levy.  There has been some back-and-forth about the correct way to account for this, but I believe it is now dealt with.  We are due for an audit.

Seneschal / Matters Arising:

A new GRM has been found (thanks Nadia).

Katherine has yet to be added as a signatory to the bank account.

Action: Katherine to lead process.

Shannon was asked to purchase 20-25 s.s. bowls.  However, they were out of stock.

Chatelaine requests plastic boxes for storage of loaner gear.  More boxes are also required for quartermasters gear. 

Katherine to price.  Permission to purchase five boxes up to $100 total.

AS&S Memorial Tourney: Anne has volunteered to cook.  AS&S have been offered loan of our list.

I was pleased to see a familiar looking list turning up in Stormhold :)

Petrol/transport costs: It has become a common practice to budget some contribution towards a stewards transport costs (principally the transport of gear to and from site).  This may continue, but must be explicitly budgeted, and the budgeted cost should be obviously reasonable (i.e. underestimated).  It may be that a situation will arise where we need a more precise formula, but we'll deal with that if/when we get to it.

Past Events:

Archery (Jessica):  People had fun, no one got hurt.
(Patrick): Full report online.  The event was well attended, and made a signficant profit due primarily to the excellent attendance.  I would like to refund Michaela's fee, as she notified she would be unable to attend in advance, and I was able to find a replacement (Matthew W).

Action: Michaela's event fee ($32) to be refunded.

Upcoming Events:
May Crown 2015 (David): Nothing to report. (This event will be a fixed agenda item till done - Patrick.)

St Cath's (Ange): Proposal online (cut and paste from last year).  Some discussion over some of the numbers. 

Action: Event approved in principle (site related costs may be paid).  Requested changes to be made to budget for final approval online.

Calendar: No problems noted.

Other Business:

Purchase of serving utensils: A deficiency in the number of serving utensils was identified at the Bloth.  Shannon asks to purchase of more spoons and tongs.  Katherine asks if we're doing it wrong compared to period practice.  Shannon to do more research.

Facebook: No complaints or problems with more open FB page.

Music: Monday music practice ongoing but with change of venue (Kelsie's).  Wednesday's on-hold indefinitely.

Closed: 20:31

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