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25th of May

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on June 14, 2014 - 1:56pm

In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal), Nicola (Chatelaine), David (A&S), Katherine (Web), Chantelle (Rapier), Shannon W (Herald), Nora (Reeve), Angela W, Shannon M.


Apologies: Robb

Opened: 7:10

Due to the proximity of this (and the next) meeting to the quarterly reporting date for Baronial Officers, see online summaries of Quarterly Reports.

Seneschal / Matters Arising:

The president of Auckland Sword & Shield has contacted me about the possibilty
of us participating in their annual Memorial Tourney, including catering. 
Once a date is proposed, I will ask for expressions of interest.

As Chantelle is leaving for six months, I have asked her to step down from the
position of Rapier Marshal and will re-advertise.

Find new GRM.

Past Events:

Collegium (Shannon): Hand over receipts to Nora.

Upcoming Events:
May Crown 2015 (David): Katherine Davies should be added to the Ildhafn account as a signatory to assist in keeping track of payments.

Action: Have Katherine added as a signatory with Kiwibank.

Bloth (Patrick): Confirmation of proposal accepted on the email list.  We will need to pay deposit and bond shortly. 

St Caths (Patrick):  No proposals received.

Action: Patrick to prod the list.

Calendar: No problems noted.

Other Business:

Bowls: Shannon to purchase 20-25 s.s. bowls.

Facebook: Derek sent an email to the Council list suggesting the Ildhafn Facebook page be opened up so that all members (of the page) can post.  Angela expressed concern over the possibility of its use as a vehicle for inflammatory
or harassing messages.  Nicola expressed concern about management load.  Shannon M offered to assist managing the page.

Action: Permit members to post on Ildhafn Facebook page.  Shannon M to assist Nicola in page management.

Music: Up to six attending, typically four, on both Monday & Wednesday nights.

Action: Music practice to continue as an advertised activity.

Archery:  One functioning butt.  Should buy targets.  Arrows in short supply.
Proposal: Ask Geoff if he would run archery during the day prior to the Bloth,
an offer of re-embursement for petrol (to $60) to entice him up her. 
Suggestion: Ask A&SS if they do archery and would like to participate.
Vanessa & Nicola to host a rain option.

Ildhafn IRD Number: SCANZ Treasurer asked about the history and purpose of
Ildhafn's IRD number.  Collective memory corresponds to the answer Shannon W
provided him by email.

Council list & mailing list: A reminder that the Council list is open to any who are interested, and is maintained for the purpose of keeping the general list free of routine business.

Nora: keeping receipts.  Nora expects to receive electronic versions: these are more robust and don't rely on physical handovers.  Lost receipts: reaffirmation that we will, where appropriate, accept receipts from individuals for goods and services rendered (where the receipt from the relevant trader has been lost).


Closed: 20:18

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