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Thursday dancing

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on June 13, 2014 - 2:12pm

Open hour: 

  • Earl of Essex Measure
  • Lorrayne Almain
  • Washerwomen's branle
  • Scots Branles
  • Ly Bens Distonys
  • Prenes on gre
  • Double Branles
  • Pavane: Belle qui tiens ma vie

A lovely hour, with some new people. Lots of fun.

We spent a while working on ornaments for the double branles - good for beginners and experienced dancers alike - and also for the Pavane.

Participating: Katherina Weyssin, William de Cameron, Katherine of Glastonbury, Elena, Ian, Vettoria da Verona, Maximilian, Julia, William de Wyke.

Advanced hour:

  • Lo Spagnoletto
  • Fulgente Stella

Working through some options for four-person dances for our upcoming concert.

Participating: Katherina W, William de Cameron, Katherine of Glastonbury, Vettoria da Verona.

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