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4th of May

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on May 24, 2014 - 4:08pm

In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal), Nicola (Chatelaine), David (A&S), Shannon (Herald), Matthew.


Apologies: Chantelle, Katherine, Rob

Opened: 7:00

Due to the proximity of this (and the next) meeting to the quarterly reporting date for Baronial Officers, see online summaries of Quarterly Reports.

Addendum: When interacting with new people (or dealing with queries from the public) by email, please keeping Chatelaine in the loop (e.g. by cc'ing

Action: Patrick to send a reminder email to list.

Seneschal / Matters Arising:

Bullying & Harassment policy
SCANZ and SCA Ltd have put out a joint policy on "Bullying and Harrassment".  The policy is currently in force, so you had better read it because it applies to you.  However, commentary is currently being sought on it, so if you have anything to say about it now's your chance.
Official v unofficial
There has been discussion in various fora about "official" (SCA sanctioned) vs "unofficial" events.  Part of the reason is because of the complicated situation Australia-based groups sometimes find themselves in.  For our purposes, I think
this language is unnecessary.  We have our events, which we run, and there are things other people do.

Rapier replacement
Our Rapier Marshal, Chantelle, will be leaving to work overseas for a stretch.  I feel this group is in need of a resident GRM at the moment, so I will accept Chantelle's offer to step-down from the role, and will re-advertise.

Action: Find new GRM

Real vs SCA names on minutes
Kingdom Seneschal has recently expressed a preference for SCA names on minutes.  It is not clear whether this is for privacy reasons for the transparancy (within the group people may be better known by their SCA names).  This is not
the tradition in Ildhafn.  It was agreed that the Baronial Council has primarily mundane tasks (i.e. has little role "in game") so real names are preferred.

Action: First real names on minutes.  Additional cover page to be added if/when required (e.g. changing bank account signatories).

Fairfax journalist
I have been in contact with a journalist interested in doing a story about our hobby, however she tells me the story has been delayed.

Council List archive
Since the move from Yahoo groups, attachements from that time are no longer available, but David has a complete archive.

Past Events:

Collegium (Shannon): Report online.  P - Thanks for putting the report online, where it will be easy to find for future stewards wanting to put on a comparable event.  In future, all event reports should be done this way.

Auction of Library (David): I’m happy to report that at the Collegium, the Ildhafn library auction was held.  It was so successful that at the end of the day, there were no items left at all!
Many items went for $0 or 50c. The majority had only one bidder, and a few had several bidders who merrily bid each other up.
Once everyone pays up, we should have $127 for the coffers, and we no longer have a library we have to store, that doesn’t get used very much, if ever.
Thanks to Vettoria for making space for the auction at the Collegium, and Katherine with the audit/paperwork/adding up after the auction.

Library demo (Nicola): We did demos at Mt Roskill and Blockhouse Bay libraries one hour each.  Matt and Patrick demonstrated Matt's armour, Shannon and Catherine A demonstrated Shannon's 16th clothing, Matt and Patrick put on a fencing demonstration.  Alasdair directed proceedings at the display tables.  The shows seemed to be well received and the librarians seemed happy.  In future, we need to be better prepared to manage such large groups of
children.  Making them wear white gloves (as we did a Auckland Museum) works best is the number of pairs of gloves is strictly limited (two or three pairs).

Upcoming Events:
May Crown 2015 (David): Accepted!  Request for site deposit expected in September.  Bookings to open first of January.  Request to add one of the stewards to bank account.  Nicola asks about Facebook group: decided to make
one when bookings open.  Planning Meeting to be held in June.  Shannon to do Test dinner in August.  Primary aim for the event: Make it awesome and effortless.

Bloth (Patrick): Proposal online - please everyone have a careful read so we can discuss it online.  Proposed date (21st of June) somewhat problematic as it looks like the B&B will not be able to attend, but just about everyone else can.
Also, it is the night of a City Dance birthday function (which otherwise we would like to support) I will check with the site and populace on other possible dates to see if there is an obviously preferable date.

St Caths:  No proposals received.

Action: Patrick to prod list.

Calendar: No problems noted.

Other Business:

Patrick: Our materials for stewards has attracted some attention on the Seneschal's list.  Shannon is planning to add material on feast cooking.  I still want a Steward's checklist.

Nicola: Regarding requests to join the FB group, if you don't recognise them, leave it to Nicola (we've had a couple of dubious accounts join).

Matthew: Music practices to be advertised Mon & Wed till next Council meeting.

Matthew: A number of people expressing interest.  Matt to kick things along.  Patrick to recover targets.  Suggestion to alternate on Sunday (11-1) and Saturday (10-12) shooting depending on location A&S.  Arrows in short supply.

Closed: 8:41

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