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May Crown People


Katherina Weyssin, with laptopportrait-william


William de Cameron and Katherina Weyssin will reach all of the stewards (including Anna, our deputy), as will

We're running the event. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or offers of help.

Rough division of labour

Katherina is managing: bookings, payments, chores roster, schedule, entertainments

William is managing: logistics, combat, gear - anything to do with physical items, tokens, reporting


Kitchen Manager (and deputy steward)

Anna de Wilde

Anna will be helping all the cooks. Go to her if you need to discuss your dietary requirements, or you want to help in the kitchen.

Anna is also the deputy steward - if you can't find William or Katherina, go to Anna.


Marshal in Charge

William de Cameron

Please contact William (at the stewards' address, above) if you'd like to help with marshalling.




Ludwig von Regensburg 

Please contact Ludwig (or the stewards) if you'd like to help with heralding.


ChatealaineEleanor Hall

Eleanor Hall

Eleanor will be looking after newer members of the SCA, and visitors. If you have any questions about the event, or you need to borrow gear, please ask her.


Chamberlaine, head Lady-in-Waiting

Ginevra Isabella di Serafino Visconti


Arts and Sciences Coordinator

Isabell Winter with Edward Braythewayte

Isabell will be managing the Arts and Sciences competitions, and the display; with Ed's assistance (it helps to have a laurel to wrangle laurels - Katherina, laurel).