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Baronial Succession Poll, 2017

[update: from Katherina Weyssin: results have been cleared to maintain confidentiality; the form left in place, so it can be re-used if needed]

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What is the poll?

The Crown will make a decision informed by our responses, but ultimately relying on their own judgement. They very much wish to have as much information as possible. However, this is not a vote that binds them.

The poll closes at midnight on September the 16th.

If this form doesn't work for you, or you need another way to give your feedback for whatever reason, please contact me (

Who may participate?

You are invited to give the Crown your opinion if you feel in any way connected to the Barony of Ildhafn - you do not have to live here, you do not have to be a SCANZ member. However, the Crown may  give more weight to members of the Society who are active in the Barony.

The Candidates

The candidates to succeed Their Excellencies Rudiger and Alyenora as Baron and Baroness of Ildhafn are:

The option of a vicar is included to help the Crown assess the true feeling of the populace. A vicar is a temporary caretaker in a barony - they can’t hold court or give out awards, but they fulfil the other functions of the baronage. A vicar may be a good option if you’re not entirely content with any candidates, or if you think the Barony needs more time to reach a good decision.

You will be asked to rank the candidates in order of preference (1 for your first choice, 2 for your second choice, 3 for your third choice). 

For each couple, you'll also be asked "If these candidates are chosen by the Crown, will you support them in the role of Baron and Baroness?". This to help the Crown understand whether you mean "I think all the candidates would be good, but this is my preference" or "I support couple A and oppose couple B". It is also to help the Crown understand your reaction if you don't get your first choice.


The Crown will of course read all responses, and will of course keep them in confidence.

I (Katherina Weyssin) will open the forms to check that they have the necessary information. I’ll avoiding reading comments where possible, and will keep anything I read strictly confidential.

If you’re not comfortable sending your poll response through me, you can send it directly to the Crown ( If you do, please also drop a line saying that you’ve done so - I promise I will not mind! - so that I know I don’t need to chase you for your response.