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Dessert Revel

Date and Time: 
Saturday, May 21, 2016 - 19:00 to 23:00

An evening of merriment and revelry!

Eat first, bring a plate of dessert to share, and be prepared for singing, dancing, games, entertainments, and assorted mischief.


Book through the website and pay by direct deposit (that makes things easiest for me!) or just turn up on the night and pay in cash. The former would be lovely; if the latter be prepared to bribe Anna: a song, a dance, fetching her a drink or nibbles, carrying her gear at the end of the event could all work ...



  • $10 for an adult member
  • $12 for adult non-members ($10 for the event, and $2 for event membership - means the SCANZ insurance covers you)
  • $5 for kids (5 to 18 years old)
  • kids under 5 are free 

Venue - Avondale Lions Hall

1630 Great North Road - at the intersection of Great North Road and Blockhouse Bay Road.

Parking: behind the building - turn into the carpark from Great North Road - or street parking going North on Blockhouse Bay Road.

Bus: There is a bus stop at 1666 Great North Road, used by routes 113, 115, 135, 136, 153, 154, N13.
There are North-bound and South-bound bus-stops on both Great North Road and Blockhouse Bay Road within about 100m of the hall.


Come in by the back door - from the car-park and up the ramp

There's a small kitchen with an urn - feel free to use it to finish off your desserts, or store them until supper time. The bathrooms are large enough to change in, if you'd like to get dressed there.

There's a hall for dancing, games and revelry; and a smaller room adjoining for quieter games.


The Plan

  • site opens for setup at 6pm
  • all welcome from 7pm - dress yourself, your dessert, etc
  • 7:30pm event proper starts
  • Here in the middle the fun is up to us. I predict
    • games
    • dancing
    • dance-games
    • music
    • performances, both planned and impromptu
    • dessert
    • mischief and silliness
  • 11pm event ends
  • finish cleaning and packing up by midnight

Who's running things?

  • Katherina Weyssin (Katherine Davies) - steward - 0272 282 977 or
  • Katherine of Glastonbury - deputy steward - Mistress of Desserts, Sweet-Tooth in Chief
  • Anna de Wilde - deputy steward - Official Schemer

What to bring


Bring yourself, most importantly, dressed in an attempt at clothes from before 1600AD (get in touch if you need help, or would like to borrow something - - well before the event if possible, so we can find something that will fit you, and that you'll look great in).


Bring something to share, if you can (if you can't, just bring yourself). Finger-food would be great, but it's not essential. Dessert is perfect, but some savoury nibbles would be lovely to have too. Something luxurious from a pre-1600 recipe will definitely win you lots of thank-yous and happy munching noises, but simpler food (and food that's only approximately medieval-ish) as fine too. 

There are some great ideas here, in katherine kerr's pamphlet on "Potlucks made easy"

If you would like help in finding interesting medieval recipes, or you'd like any other advice about food, please get in touch with Katherine of Glastonbury:

It's probably wise to bring a plate, a spoon, a napkin and a drinking vessel. We'll have some spares at the event too. 

Other stuff

Contributions to the revelry will be much appreciated: feel free to bring along board-games, card-games, musical instruments, and anything else you think might add to the fun!