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Ildhafn A&S Collegium

Date and Time: 
Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 09:00 to 17:00

The Ildhafn A&S Collegium is a one day event, composed of workshops on a variety of subject, for myriad arts and crafts pursuits, presented by members of the populace for the interest and education of us all. If you are new to our group, this is a great opportunity to come along and see some of the stuff we get up to, learn some more about medieval and renaissance practices, and get to know us better.

Bookings have now closed.

There will be two streams of classes run concurrently throughout the day, with most classes running to about an hour in length. There will be regular breaks between classes, and a lunch break in the middle of the day, with catered lunch provided as part of the event cost.

This is an ungarbed event.There will also be an optional pub trip in the event, with those attending paying for their own food and drinks.


Time Class Option A Class Option B
9.00am Site Opens for Sign In
9.30am-10.30am Beginners' Tablet Weaving Period astronomy: Heliocentrism vs Geocentrism
10.40am-11.40am SCA Q&A: Customs, Culture, Jargon & Etiquette Mascall's Mouse Traps
11.50am-12.50pm Medieval Locks Beginning Net Making
12.50pm-1.50pm LUNCH
1.50pm-2.50pm Experienced Tablet Weaving - Double Faced, Two Colour

Stained Glass

3.00pm-4.00pm Whip Cord Making Essential Archery Accessories
4.00pm-4.30pm Putting forged nails into six board chests made at the chest making workshop

Class Descriptions

Beginners' Tablet Weaving with Karen - booking required, please email the steward.

For those that have never done it before or very limited experience.
Starting at the very beginning presuming no prior knowledge.

Basic Threaded-In (4F4B)
A selection of demo looms will set up so that each loom will complete a different pattern using 10 tablets/4 holes.

• 5 tablets will be pre-threaded. Participants will thread the remaining 5 tablets learning about S and Z threading & warp tension.

• Basic terminology: eg warp, weft, shed, fell etc.

• Reading a basic pattern: A printed pattern will be with each loom.

• Establishing the width: Throwing and beating the weft.

• Securing the weft start and finish tails.

• Discuss creating a loom and pack of tablets at home - options.

Period astronomy: Heliocentrism vs Geocentrism with Ludwig von Regensburg

Astronomy was important in the middle ages and renaissance for computing the dates of feasts, correcting the calendar and for the practise of astrology. Period astronomers had a precise model for predicting the positions of celestial bodies, known as the Ptolemaic model, a key feature of which was that all heavenly bodies revolved around the Earth. In the 16th century, Nicholas Copernicus offered an alternative model in which the Earth and most heavenly bodies revolved around the Sun. I shall briefly review these models and the reasons why renaissance astronomers and philosophers preferred the former over the latter.

SCA Q&A: customs, culture, jargon and ettiquette - with Katherina Weyssin & William de Cameron

The SCA is a re-enactment club, but it's also a complicated subculture that's built up over nearly 50 years. There's a lot of jargon, and a lot of customs that are more about SCA culture than historical accuracy. Some like them and some hate them, but it's handy to know what they are.

William and Katherina will attempt to answer any questions about anything that you find interesting, confusing, infuriating, or just plain odd about the SCA.

Mascall's Mousetraps with William de Wyck

A look at the mousetrap technology of the late medieval period, with reference to the mousetraps of the Merode Altarpiece and the traps of Leonard Mascall's 1596 Booke of Engines.

Medieval Locks with Grim of Thornby

Grim will discuss an assortment of locks/locking mechanisms for our period.

Beginning net making with Lisbet

A class on netmaking for beginners. The techniques involved can be used to make anything from fishing nets to hair nets. We will use twine and make our own makeshift shuttles. Bring your own, if you have one.

Experienced Tablet Weaving - Double Faced, Two Colour with Karen

Double Faced - 2 colour (2F2B)
Demo looms will be pre-warped ready to weave.

• Explanation of setup.

• How to read a pattern.

• How to draft a pattern. Following a demonstration, participants can create one for themselves to weave.

Stained Glass with Edward Braithwayte

An introduction to the materials, tools and processes used in the production of stained glass windows, both period and modern. This class will mostly be a series of practical demonstrations.

Whip Cord Making with Katherina Weyssin

A fast technique for producing a 4-strand plait with a square cross section. The resulting cord can be used for lacing cord, surface decoration on fabric, or even rope (if you start with heavy enough materials).

You can easily make long cords - an advantage over finger loop braid - and you can stop and start at will.

A few patterns are available: plain, stripes, and spirals.

There are lots of different physical set-ups you can use to make this cord. We'll experiment with several of them.

My write-up on the cord on Nils Sture's shirt (late 16thC) made using this technique is here:

Essential archery accessories with Emrys Tudor - booking required, please email the steward.

This class will cover the construction of authentic personalised hand and arm protection for target and combat archery. We will also cover quivers if we have time. The student will be able to create fully functional personalised equipment appropriate to their persona

Putting forged nails into six board chests made at the chest making workshop with Edward Braithwayte

For those that made a six board chest (or two) at the chest making workshop last year, this is an opportunity to put those forged nails into your chest.

Event Cost & Class Costs

The cost for the event is $10 per person, member or non-member. The cost includes lunch and tea/coffee throughout the day.

Participating older children/teenagers will be charged at the same rate as adults. Participating children are those who are actively attending classes.

Non-participating younger children who are present will be free of charge if they're just tagging along, or $5 for lunch to be included for them.

Individual teachers may have some associated materials costs for their classes, but this will be advertised well in advance. Where there is a class cost, the steward will get in touch with those booked for the Collegium to confirm whether they would like to prebook for those classes, as prebooking will be required to allow teachers time to prepare materials.


Payment for the event can be made in advance by direct deposit, or on the day in cash. We strongly encourage attendees to pay in advance where possible, to give us the best indication of attendance.

Payment method for any specific class costs associated with a particular class will be advised to you by the stewarding team ahead of the event.


If you wish to attend, you will need to have filled in a booking form on the Ildhafn website to confirm your place. Bookings for the event are now closed.

Billeting & Transport

If you are attending from out of town and would like billeting, please indicate this on the booking form when you fill it out. The stewarding team will contact you to confirm your requirements and whether a billet is possible.

If you are from Ildhafn and are able to offer billet space, please indicate this on your booking form. The stewarding team will liase with you to confirm what accommodation you are able to provide.

If you require or are able to offer transport to and/or from the event, please indicate this on the booking form and the stewarding team will get in touch accordingly. Alternatively, feel free as always to email the mailing lists for help with transport.

Stewarding Team

Steward: Lady Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona (Shannon Wanty), membership #83147, exp. Feb 2015

Deputy Steward: Mistress Katherina Weyssin (Katherine Davies)

Caterer for lunch & nibbles: Lady Anna de Wilde (Angela Wells)