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23rd of February

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on February 27, 2014 - 10:52pm

In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal), Nicola (Chatelaine), Katherine (Web), Chantelle (Rapier), Shannon (Herald), Ange, Nora (Reeve - 7:54), Matthew (8:15)

Apologies: David

Opened: 7:35

Reports:  See quarterly summaries.


Quarterly reports: I would like summaries of officers' quarterly reports distributed to Council list and archived on the website.

Officer changeovers: Nicola has stepped up as Chatelaine and Chantelle as Rapier Marshal.  David has been nominated for A&S Officer, commentary period ends 10th of March

Events: the word "event" has different meanings in our governing documents.  As pointed out last meeting, ungarbed events (such as the upcoming Collegium) are not "events" for the purposes of Kingdom Levy and do not attract Event Membership fees.  However, they are "events" for most other purposes, such as adhering to all rules for rapier combat.  This is the case for any and all of our regular advertised practices (e.g. A&S Sunday).

Calendar:  Following on from that, events advertised on our calendar (with the obvious exception of activities clearly associated with other groups, e.g. NAAMA) are "events" and are therefore the responsibility of the Seneschal.  Any such activity must therefore be discussed and approved by Council -- either online or at a meeting -- before advertising can take place.

Matters Arising  
Crescent Fence Booking fee: There was uncertainty last month as to whether this had been paid; Nicola confirms that it has.

Meeting start time.
Taupo joust: Flag Darton and Cluain; Advertise on Althing. 

Action points: Replace ice pack (Nicola). Add notebook to first-aid kit (Ange).
Consult on Council start time (Patrick).

Taupo Medieval Fair: Flag Darton and Cluain; Advertise on Althing (Patrick).

Past Events
St Valentine's (Ange): The event was fun, people enjoyed themselves and no one was hurt. The event was free, so no levies or money was taken.


Members: 12
Non-members: 3
Total attendance: 15

St Cath's (Chantelle): Overpayment to site (approx $30 - our error) - decide
not to persue, but leave comment in event report and receive the invoice for the overpaid
amount.  Profit $372.20.

Canterbury Faire (Katherine): $207.34 for Roger and Liz.  Space in the new
storage unit is free (conditions apply).  We need more chests for storage. 
Katherine wants a replacement for meal plan; and is looking to hand over campsite

Action: Patrick to talk to B&B about having a Chamberlain for CF.

Upcoming Events
May Crown 2015 (Katherine): K&D's bid to be recycled.  A discussion of whether to increase the appeal of the bid by donating entire profit to Kingdom.  It was decided to not do this.

Collegium (Shannon): April 12th.  Looking for classes by end of month.

May Day (Chantelle): Possible feast with option to sleep on site.

Birthday Ball (Katherine): Will run as a non-SCA event this year. 

Bloth: Tentative offer of proposal from Ange.

St Caths:  Tentative offer of proposal from Chantelle. 

Action: Advertise for interest in running events on list.

Calendar: St Sebs, Easter, Anzac Day.

Other Business
Instrumental Music (Matt): There's interest in a weekly music practice one night.  Preferred night seems to be Wednesday night.  [General discussion of the desirability of our group running competing activities when there is overlap in potential participants.]

Action: Matt to seek feedback on the list as to interested participants and their availability.

Closed: 9:38

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