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12th of January

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on February 20, 2014 - 9:56pm

In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal), Shannon (Herald), Katherine (Web), David Robb

Apologies: Rob (Marshal), Nora (Reeve), Chantelle (A&S)

Opened: 7:31


None asked for, none received.

Past Events
Crescent Fence:  Booking fee ($12) still not paid.  [PB - I believe this is in error and the amount has been payed.]

St Cath's: To be finalised next month when more of the relevant people are available.
Possibility that there was an error in the number of kingdom levies paid for non-paying attendees: Shannon to check.

Katherine: Some of the issues mentioned in the Steward's report are already documented.

General consensus: Shorter reports are preferred.

Canterbury Faire (Katherine): The agreed upon transport support is to be paid to the B&B, for them to disburse appropriate amounts to other parties (in particular, Ed & Elizabeth).
The budgets for the separate breakfasts ("Bookends" handled by K & D, vs weekday handled by Ed) were a bit out, but all together added up to expectations.

Upcoming Events
St Valentine's Day Massacre: All well.

A&S Collegium (Shannon): Noted that non-member surcharge and Kingdom levy not required for ungarbed event.  Question: Could fee be brought down to $10 for convenience?

May Day: Threat of a proposal from Chantelle.  Noted that May Day may be unwise time for picnics in Auckland.

May Ball: Threat of a proposal from Katherine.


Other Business
Council Meetings: Request that meetings be earlier (start 4-6) - Katherine.

A&S Sunday: Will rotate between the four offers (Shannon, Amy & Shannon, David & Katherine, Vanessa & Nicola).

Singing: Katherine - Wednesday evening at her place, starting late Feb.

Dancing: Continues Thursday nights at City Dance, pending their schedule; starting late Feb.  17th C focus during advanced hour.

Rapier: Restarts early or mid Feb.

Taupo Joust: Flag Darton and Cluain.  Advertise on Althing.

Library: David to take books + bookshelves to Collegium to be disposed of by silent auction.

Augmentation of Arms: Shannon to report.

Calendar: Clean

Closed: 8:42pm

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