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Campsite at CF 2014: budgets, plans, shopping lists, etc

The purpose of this page is to make Katherina's plans accessible, as a back-up, in case her car breaks down (or similar).



Income - expect to get $766.50

Total income expected (sum of the amounts I've told people to pay)
$766.50 (assuming Rudiger goes to the feast; + $9 if he eats in camp on Weds night)
Nora has details of who should paying what.

Budgeted Expenses - expect to spend up to $766.50

$235 - campsite contributions - assign after CF
$176 - Edward, for breakfasts during week
$72 - Edward, for final Sunday breakfast
$252 - Katherina, for weekend meals and misc. campsite expenses
$31.50 - Vettoria, for Weds night dinner

$766.50 - total budgeted expenses (sum of the amounts I've told people they can spend, plus camp contributions).

Plan and budget for each meal

Kids pay half adult price. 

Dietary reqs: no fish.

First Saturday dinner - 12 people

Compile shopping list for run to fish and chip shop in Amberley. Call ahead, at about 6pm.

The Flying Fish

117 Carters Road, Amberley, Hurunui, Canterbury (on SH1, near pharmacy and library, on the left as you go South)

(03) 314 8260

  Fish Chips Hamburger Cheeseburger Other
Katherina 2 1      pineapple fritter
William   1   1 donut
Nicola   1     hotdog
Alyenora 2 1 1?   pineapple fritter
Rudiger     1   pineapple fritter, spring roll, share chips with Alyenora
Emrys 2 1      
Caterina N 1 1      
Christine 1 1     battered sausage
Greg 1 1     pineapple fritter
Brian ?        
TOTAL 9? 8? 2? 1 1 donut, 1 hotdog, 1 spring roll, 1 battered sausage, 4 pineapple fritters


Katherina and William's meals (total $252)

Will shop in Cheviot on way to site on Saturday afternoon (arr. c. 5pm), and more in Amberley or Rangiora, if necessary, on Sunday. Total of $252 for food and miscellaneous campsite necessaries.

1st Sunday Breakfast - 11 adults, 2 kids - total $72 

$6 for adults, $3 for kids => 12x$6
Bacon, eggs, bread, mushrooms, milk, butter.
Expect to shop in Cheviot on Saturday on way to site.

Sunday lunch - 9 adults, $6 each - total $54

Bread (sliced or rolls), cheese, salad, lunch meat, fruit. Buy in Cheviot on way to site. Lunch is do-it-yourself sandwich.

Sunday dinner - 11 adults - $77

Buy in Cheviot if possible; otherwise shop further south (Amberley or Rangiora) on Sunday.
Sausages, bread (sliced or rolls), salads, etc, condiments. Sausage in a bun dinner.

Miscellaneous budget

$2 collected from each of 13 adults, plus $1 from Jess => $27
50c from (7x6)+1(Patrick)+1(J's) = 44 breakfasts => $22
TOTAL: $49
William and Katherina's grand total: $252

Miscellaneous budget - $49

From this, and food budgets above, need to cover:

  • gas canisters
  • chiller space with Heorot
  • ?box for chiller space? (c. $6)
  • milk
  • butter
  • tea and coffee
  • cordial
  • fruit/snacks 
  • detergent
  • tea-towels/cleaning cloths
  • condiments:  sauce, mustard, etc
  • pepper and salt

Confer with Ed and Vettoria on milk, pepper and salt, etc.

Expect it's BYO tea and coffee, but communal milk.

Ed's Meals (total $248)

Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, bread. Also milk and butter? (Katherina confirm). $248 to provide a total of ~60 cooked breakfasts. 
Plans to shop on the way. Arrives on site Sunday. Will store food in Heorot chiller, in blue bin.

Breakfasts, Monday-Saturday - 7-9 people each day, $176

Ed gets $4/adult and $2/child for breakfast. The extra 50c is in Katherina's budget, for gas/detergent/etc. 

All breakfasts have at least 7 adults. Wednesday has one extra adult. Weds and Thursday have one extra child.

So,the budget is $28 most days (7 adults), $37 Wednesday (8 adults, 1 child), $30 Thursday (7 adults 1 child).

TOTAL: $176 for all six breakfasts.

Final breakfast: Ed is buying, William and Katherina are cooking - $72, 14+ adults

12 adults at $6 each, plus two extra non-paying adults (and probably some "strays").
Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, bread, milk, butter.

Vettoria's meal: Wednesday night dinner (total $31.50)

$31.50 to feed 3 adults and one child. Steak and salad.

Vettoria may also do some extra back-up shopping if required. Katherina to contact her on Tuesday night.

Campsite Layout

Rough plan for the campsite. If we fit, I'd like to arrange us in two rows again, with the canvas tents on the outside (towards Mong/Northside and Marquee) and the dome tents behind (towards the road and forest). While there will be a path down the middle, primary access to tents is from the outside of the campsite. The sunshade is at the Northside end, nearest the Mong.