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Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on January 9, 2014 - 10:28pm

In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal), Nicola, Nora (Reeve), Shannon (Herald), Chantelle (A&S), Catherine, Katherine (Web), David, Jessica

Apologies: Rob (Marshal)

Opened: 7:35


Quarterly reports this month.

Reeve: Nothing to add to weekly statements.

The group is growing (yay!).  We will have a number of new people at St Caths; it will be important that regulars introduce themselves.
Firewood - This has become a regular expense at St Caths and should be budgeted by all future stewards.
Officer positions - Chatelaine and Rapier Marshal have been advertised.  Chantelle adds: A&S has expired.  Patrick: I will re-advertise.

Past Events
Crescent Fence (Nicola):  Report received (profit $187.38)  Suggestion from Patrick that fraction of profit to be donated to Crescent Fence, pending the estabilishment of suitable organisation.  One ice pack used: Nicola to replace.

Upcoming Events
St Caths (Chantelle): (47 people booked): Most new people coming for Sat Feast.  Patrick to MC feast.  Nora: reminder to include allergy information in Cook's email.  Patrick to pick up Will, Shannon to drop off.  Transport still to be arranged for Miles (Nicola?) and Heather.  Kitchen staff needs to be sorted with Vanessa.

Canterbury Faire(Katherine):  Meal plan to cover Sat dinner, Sunday, Feast night, Breakfast pack-up day - $44 for six-meals.  Volunteers needed to cook breakfast.  Proposal for circa $20 Campsite tax (voluntary this year, but standard in future years).  Patrick to email Katherine bookings.

Calendar: Last fencing, dancing already finished.  Nex Council meeting 12 January.

General Business:
Add notebook to first-aid kit.

Something in Feb-March? Shannon offers to run a picnic.

March: St Sebastians.

April 17: Medieval event PN
April 24: Taupo Joust

May Day? Chantelle might prepare something.

Closed: 9:00pm

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