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Event proposal -Proposed name by Ludwig "St Valentine's Massacre in the Park"

15th of February, 2014

A late afternoon, early evening event that is a pot luck dinner in the Park, with two rapier tourneys.


Cornwall Park - Greenlane

Site Cost

No site cost. Public park that the group has used previously. Gates traditionally close at 9pm.  I will check closer to the event to make sure this is still the case, as I have been advised that the gate closes at 8pm from March during the Autum/Winter months.


There is parking on either side of the drive, and a carpark as well.  There is also public toilets available to use.

Date and time

15th of February 2014  -  I have chosen this date as it is two weekends after the end of Canterbury Faire and one free weekend before St Sebastian's.

  • Arrive 3pm
  • Lists open and inspection at 3.30pm
  • First Tourney at 4pm
  • Shared dinner at 5.30-6pm
  • Second Tourney at 6.45pm
  • Packed at gone by 7.45-8pm


None, as this is a pot luck shared dinner, casual, garbed event.

Other details

The focus will be the two rapier tourneys.  This event may also be a good oppurtunity to encourage those newcomers that came to St Catherines Faire, to attend.  It will be low key, social event, where people may bring handcrafts if they want, and to enjoy the end of the summer.

There will be no rain date.  If it rains the event is cancelled.

The rapier tourney formats are undecided.  Am willing to take suggestions.

So far I have

  • Manciolino point method, timed tourney
  • Round robin, double elimination tourney - weapons are chosen by a spin the wheel method.


  • Steward: Anna de Wilde (Angela Wells)
  • Deputy steward: None
  • Lists:  Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona (Shannon Wanty)
  • Herald: TBC
  • Marshals: Ludwig von Regenspurg (Patrick Bowman), Eleanor Hall, Emrys Twdr (Matthew Mole)