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Proposal: Ildhafn Campsite, Canterbury Faire, 2014

I'd like to run several aspects of Ildhafn campsite a little more formally, and with a little more documentation, this year, in preparation for handing them on to someone else next year. 


It's Ildhafn's custom (so far) that the seneschal runs the campsite at Canterbury Faire, or delegates this to a "camp steward" if they prefer. This year, Ludwig has asked Katherina to manage it.

  • Katherina Weyssin - "camp steward"
  • William de Cameron - alternate camp steward
  • Vettoria - meal on feast night, mid-week food-purchase


Tent space

We're negotiating with Northside and the CF stewards, as usual. Both Northside and Ildhafn have quite a few tents to fit into a small space. I'll ask people to set up their tents in consultation with Katherina and David, so we all have space, and we don't impinge on other campsites, or the space the event needs.

Common area: sunshade and tables

Rudiger and Aleynora have kindly offered to bring Cluain's sunshade(s), and their own tables, so that our campsite has a pleasant shared space.

Other gear:

There's a list of the stuff the barony stores at CF on the quartermasters pages. It's there for all of us to use - just clean it and put it back when you've finished. It's stored in two lovely chests donated by Baron Rudiger.

A lot of stuff gets left on the tables at CF (which is ok, as long as the tables aren't so covered that we can't use them). I'd like to have a standard place (maybe one of the chests?) where we put lost and abandoned items each day, so everyone knows where to look for their stuff.

Campsite tax?

I'd like to propose a "campsite fee", from this year on. The idea is to assist the costs of those who bring a lot of group infrastructure at their own expense (e.g. Rudiger and Aleynora bringing sunshades and tables), and to pay for buying and maintaining the stuff we have there.

I'm going to guess a bit, and suggest $20/head for this year, and reconsider next year.

I would like us to reimburse at least a decent chunk of the extra expenses Rudiger and Aleynora are incurring by bringing a trailer (e.g. adding a trailer adds about $160 each way to the ferry costs).

If there's any excess, it could be ear-marked for future CF purchases for the group. Last year, we spent $300 of the group's capital setting up some basic stuff for the site; I think it would be fair if future purchases were largely funded by the people who use it - i.e. those of us who go to CF. Finally, it would be a small way for visitors whom we invite to camp with us to contribute to the group's expenses.

Who would pay?
  • camping with Ildhafn, whole week - $20
  • camping with Ildhafn, few days - $10
  • bunking, but treating Ildhafn sunshade, tables, gear etc. as your campsite - suggest $20

I think we can trust in the honesty of our fellow scadians.

If making full use of the campsite's common resources - sunshades, tables, cooking gear, space - then you should probably pay the campsite tax whether you're sleeping in a tent or a bunkroom (the money is for the shared resources, not the tent-space).

If you're visiting sometimes - often, even - but not treating it as your campsite, you shouldn't be expected to contribute.

Since we've not done this before, I'd very much appreciate feedback on both the basic idea, and the details (amount, who pays, etc).

Campsite chores

I'd like to have a (minimal) chores-roster for the campsite this year: one or two people scheduled each morning and evening to do a quick tidy-up, and take any rubbish to the bins. I expect it'll be a light task, because we'll all clean up after ourselves.

Feast gear

There are 7+ sets of loaner feast gear stored at CF. I'll advertise them after Christmas, and allot them early in January. First-in gets the gear, with a slight preference for newcomers, and anyone else with a particular need.


Most Ildhafners go on the event's meal-plan. That covers most meals.

We're planning a small meal-plan for some extra meals that aren't otherwise covered by the event-meal-plan. That is: set-up weekend (dinner Saturday, all meals on Sunday); feast night (where there is also the option of the feast or the repast); and breakfast on the final Sunday. Although previous years have sometimes included a final Sunday lunch, this hasn't been of much benefit and delays pack-up.

For the past several years this has been an informal (but growing) scheme, operated out of private bank accounts. This year I want to run it through the Ildhafn bank account, as we would any other event.

As we have limited time and equipment, dietary restrictions (eg vegetarian, gluten free) will probably only be catered specifically for if there are several people with the same restrictions.

Food-budget and plan

  Cost per adult Rough plan Comments

Set Up Weekend:

  Saturday dinner $7 Burgers, salad, fruit. Or the usual fish'n'chip run

  Sunday breakfast

$6 cooked breakfast - bacon, eggs, bread, butter, fruit  
  Sunday lunch $6 DIY sandwiches (ham, salad, tomatoes, pickles, bread, butter, fruit)   
  Sunday dinner $7 Sausage in a bun, onions, cheese, fruit, salad, etc.  
Feast night (Weds, TBC) $9   To be determined  
Final Sunday breakfast $7 cooked breakfast - eggs, bacon, etc Higher amount to include feeding the CF stewards as a thank-you
Misc $2 gas for burners, rubbish bags, general cooking supplies  
Total per person $44    


Coffee (possibly turkish)/tea/hot water - available when someone feels like making it. May also be available from the Mong or possibly as part of the normal site meal plan.

Cordial - available at all meals, until we run out.

Fruit - a large bag of apples, and maybe some other fruit around the campsite for snacks.

Condiments - tomato sauce and mustard?

Differences from last year:

  • No lunch on the final Sunday. Clean-up took too long last year. We'll offer a hearty breakfast instead, so we can all make it through to lunch after we leave site, whenever that is.
  • Camp dinner (probably) instead of a chippie-run on the first Saturday
  • Some numbers have gone up a bit, to cover inflation

Food Chores

If you're eating any meals on the Ildhafn mini meal-plan, expect to be asked to help out with cooking or cleaning up after at least one of them. Details TBC, once we know who's eating which meals.

Extra breakfasts? Volunteers sought . . .

The Bunsmiths are taking a well-earned break, so we can't get breakfast delivered to camp each morning. We can, of course, go to the main hall and get porridge.

If anyone would like to make cooked breakfast in camp, and include that in the meal-plan, we're happy to do the shopping. Any volunteers? (You would be responsible for cooking and cleaning up breakfast on a set day, for a set number of people: feel free to rope in others to help you). 

Food buying: pre-order or buy on day?

Southron Gaard is allowing groups to participate in the bulk-food purchase; so we could pre-order food and have it delivered to site. That's very tempting. However, we'd need to have quantities finalised by mid-December. That'll be a struggle for some of us.