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26th of May

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on July 6, 2013 - 1:21pm

In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal), Katherine (Webwright), Shannon (Herald), Nora (Reeve), Wendy (Chatellaine), David, Nicola.

Apologies: Rob (Marshal), Chantelle (A&S)


Opened: 6:31


Reeve: All good.  See weekly statements.

Herald, Marshal, A&S, Webwright, Chatelaine: Quarterly reports.

Quartermaster: Nothing to report.

Seneschal: We now have a live Facebook page.  Thanks in particular to Nicola
for setting that up and maintaining it.

Past Events

Chest Workshop: P: How many nails do we have? K to check with Ed.
[Edit: I now have the nails.  We have 319 g of small nails (approx 94 nails)
and 4.29 kg of large nails (approx 600 nails) - Patrick]

May Day (Wendy): Chantelle's and Nora's social networks helped bring in people
(including some haven't seen before).  Overspent on food, leading to a loss of
$7.81.  Wendy to keep the food (and wear the slight loss).

Birthday Ball (Katherine): Cash handed to Nora.  All done.  Report online

Upcoming Events

Bloth (David): 38 Bookings - 63/80 person days.  Remaining $800 to be paid.
Added ball&feast pricing option.  Important to know #platters in QM gear: may
need to purchase more.

Crescent Fence (Nicola):  P: Cost a bit scary.  Need to better canvass other
fighting groups.  P to check with Exchequer about Stronger Kingdom Fund.  Also
to check about money raised from Fencing at Museum.  Also remnant CF funds.
[Edit: We received a total of $3500 from the museum for the two activities.
Out of that we have spent ~$170 on cupboards and $400 on the list - Patrick]

St Cath's (Shannon): Approved.  No invite to Royals but money for firewood.

Calendar:  Dancing off for three weeks.  No A&S during Bloth.  No singing for
Queen's Birthday long weekend.  Patrick to talk with Matt about Fencing that

General Business

List Field Project (David): Materials acquired.  Receipts distributed.  Spent
about $300.  Expect to spend another $100.  Large but compact.  Modular design.
May be looking for volunteers and equipment over next few weeks.

Business Cards (Patrick): Nicola to print through GrabOne vouchers.

Bookmarks (Katherine): Leaving them in second-hand bookshop.

Child Participation Policy (Patrick): Please read and send feedback to SCANZ.

Other Business: Pie.

Closed:  8:35

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