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Birthday Ball for William and Katherina (2014): event proposal

NOTE: event not pursued.

24th of May, 2014

An evening of dancing, with a light-but-sumptuous supper, and board-games for those who prefer not to dance.

Last year's was a successful event. This is an almost-exact repeat of the same proposal.


St Phillips Presbyterian Church, aka North Shore Cook Islands Christian Church
136 Birkdale Road.

I've - very lightly - pencil-booked the site. They're not yet taking bookings so far in advance, but have pencilled it into their calendar. If the proposal is approved, I'll confirm the booking later in the year; or move it to a nearby weekend if necessary.

Site Cost

Katherina and William would like to cover the site-cost themselves (it'll be ~$125, if the pricing is unchanged).


This is the church next door the community house where we have dance practice. It has ample parking, basic kitchen and bathrooms, and a plain hall with stacked chairs (not pews).

Date and time

24th of May, 2014

  • Set up from late in the afternoon
  • Site opens 6:30pm to dress, sign in, etc
  • Dancing from 7:00 to about 10:30pm
  • Supper available through the evening
  • Leave site at about 11pm


There's effectively no break-even number, as the barony isn't paying for any fixed costs.

I expect we'll get 10-25 people attending. The 2012 ball got 12 people; the 2013 ball got 22. I'll advertise it amongst Auckland's other early-dance groups, as previously.

  • Supper: $7/head
  • Miscellaneous (rubbish, flowers, lighting, laundry) etc: $2/head
  • Kingdom Levy: $1/head

=> charge $10 / $12 for adult members/non-members
$5 for kids 6-16; 5 and under free

Note: because the event is small, I've made no provision for steward, set-up crew, or anyone else to get in free: all will pay full price, and get their own dinners.

Other details

The focus of the evening will be dancing, but there will be several tables set up with chess, backgammon, and other games of strategy or chance, for the amusement of those who prefer not to dance.

There will not be a full meal - eat something before you come - but there will be drinks throughout the evening, and a supper at about 8:30pm.

We will decide what to dance on the night: everyone attending will get to pick at least one dance.


  • Steward: Katherina Weyssin (Katherine Davies)
  • Deputy steward: William de Cameron (David Robb)
  • Supper cook: Caterine de Vantier (Shannon Wanty) (TBC)
  • Herald/Master of Ceremonies: TBA
  • Gate: TBA