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Chores at St Sebastians

Submitted by Edward Braythwayte on March 2, 2013 - 11:36am

Please check your chore(s) and let the steward know if there is a clash with a particular activity that you want to be involved in. If you want to do a swap with someone (suggestions welcome), please email the steward a.s.a.p.

Fri Supper cook Elizabeth Quentin MacLaren       A&S Class: Killing the undead  (8ish)
  put porridge on (10?) Liz Brodie            
  set out and light candles (7:30) Mark of Plymouth            
  supper wash up (10) Gareth Robertson Geffrey de Wulf Cecilia Lyon Lisbet      
Sat Early camp clean up (7) Volunteers?            
  breakfast cook (7) Cassia de la Rose Florence of Knightsbridge Shelley June Campbell     Breakfast (8-9:30)  
  breakfast wash up (10) Baldwin the Wanderer Robin Le Couteur Krautesh Vakir Eirik   Opening Court (9.45) Boffer Skill at Arms (10)   Archery set up + practice (10)
              A&S: Tablet weaving (10ish) ‘Power and Influence’ Starts 
  Lunch prep (11:30) Rudiger Adler Trudy Knibbs Maddie Knibbs Yvainnia   Rapier Tourney (11) A&S  Class: Hay making (11)   Village Football (12)
  Lunch clear/wash up (2) Grimm of Thornby Oswyn Carolus Ludwig von Regensburg     Archery Games (2) Children's Scavenger Hunt (2)  
  dinner cooks (3) Isabell Winter Alexandra de Santiago Katherine of Glastonbury Catherine Anderson   A&S Class: Candle Making (4)  
  dinner cooks (4:30) Isabell Winter Eleanor Hall Sarah Groot        
  dinner clear/wash up (7) Robert of Knightsbridge Frolic William de Bredon Brett of Fortrose   Dinner (6)  
  refill & light candles (7:30) Mark of Plymouth         A&S Class: 14th C Brewing (8)  
  put porridge on (10) Liz Brodie            
Sun Early camp clean up (7) Volunteers?            
  breakfast cook (7) Cassia de la Rose Inigo Missaglia Seth        
  breakfast wash up (9:30) Patch Norina Columba Anna de Wilde   A&S: Coptic Bookbinding (9:30) Children's Easter Egg Hunt (10)
              St Sebs Archery Competition (10:30) A&S Class: Dying (textiles) 
  Lunch prep (11:30) Caterine de Vantier Christiana of Fortrose Julian Broms     Stoolball (12) Lunch (1)
  Lunch clear/wash up (2:30) Airka Eoganachta Mor Lyulf St. George Hakon de Falcon Albert Bossard   Closing Court (2)