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Herald's Notebook

This page is the informal "Notebook of Office" of the Herald. It might include current plans, or notes for the next herald.


Job specification

Heraldry in the SCA can be divided into three broad categories:

  1. Book Heraldry, i.e. names and devices.  This includes understanding the elements of period and SCA devices, the rules associated with the registering of names and devices, and conflict checking names and devices for the purpose of registering with the College of Heralds.
  2. Voice Heraldry, i.e. shouting.  Most importantly this includes the running of Courts and its associated ceremonies, but also includes the making of general announcements.
  3. Other ceremonial.  Heralds have an imporant part to play in the SCA in assisting with many of its theatrical aspects, such as keeping track of the Order of Precedence (which is occasionally required for Grand Pageants or for Dancing by request), and in matters of protocol (such as prodding the pointiest hats in the room when it comes to the loyalty toasts).

It is the role of the Baronial Herald to work with the Baron and Baroness, event stewards and the general populace to make sure that the Barony's heraldic needs are met.  Chiefly, this includes consulting on new names and devices (or finding someone knowledgable to help) and running, or finding someone to run,  Baronial Courts and, in the case of royal visits, Royal Courts. 

The Ildhafn Baronial Herald also maintains the "Heraldry" and "Awards" pages of this website, for so long as they exist; and keeps a record of all Baronial awards given.

The Ildhafn Baronial Herald may adopt the title "Blue Lymphad Herald".


Chain of Command

The Seneschal runs the Barony, you are therefore responsible to him/her for the day-to-day running of your Office and are obliged to assist on the Baronial Council.

Your most important task will be assisting the B&B in the running of Courts.  Your job is to help them get what they want from a Court, and to help them look good.  This may include prodding them if you think they've forgotten something.

Your direct superior is the Lochac Principal Herald, known as Crux Australis Herald.

To Do

  • Introduce yourself to Crux (  Crux may have specific instructions for you, for example, regarding reporting.  You should make sure you are properly rostered (
  • Have a chat with the B&B about their expectations.  Will they email you before events with a list of anticipated business (esp. Baronial awards) or do they expect you to chase them?  Do they expect you to run Court, or are they happy with the services of other heralds in the Barony?
  • Have a chat with the Seneschal about their expectations regarding reporting and attendance at Council meetings.  You should also discuss what you expect from event stewards about getting them to contact you to let you know what heraldic support they need, rather than assuming you'll just turn up and do it all.
  • Contact the webwright ( to get the Blue Lymphad email address redirected to your inbox.  While you're at it, have a look at the webwrite's notes for new officers.
  • One of the primary methods of communication between Lochac's heralds is the Blazons list, which you will need to join (
  • If you are on Facebook, join Lochac Heraldry Chat - a lot of the heraldic discussion happens there, and this is a useful place to get help with conflict checking.
  • Have a chat with the outgoing Blue Lymphad on the current state of the Office.  In particular: Are there any submissions in process?  What heraldic resources -- human and otherwise -- does the Barony possess (and how do you get hold of them)?  Are there any upcoming events that you need to be briefed on?
  • Have a chat with the Cluain herald, if there is one.


  • Hole punch for a three-ring binder
  • Three-ring binder
  • Fancy Ildhafn tabard
  • Three boxes of files (submissions)
  • PicDic (SCA  Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry)
  • Oxford Dictionary of English Christian names
  • Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames
  • White herald's wand (MIA with Ludwig)

Making a submission via email

  • Submit only ONE name and device per email.
  • Make sure the forms are filled in correctly and attached to the email.
  • The body of the email MUST contain the documentation for the name.
  • A link to the website is insufficient documentation for the name, even if it is Appendix H. Write a paragraph or two about it, but keep it succinct.
  • If not using Appendix H documentation, include scans/printouts/pdfs of documentation as well.
  • Device/Badge submissions must have the Blazon in the email body.
  • Include the blazon on the device form.
  • Do a pre-check that the device is unlikely to conflict, save this as a blog under the Herald's blog here, and when the device is open for commentary include your conflict checking there.
  • The submitter of the name and device is responsible for completing the paperwork.

Websites you'll need

The Lochac College of Heralds

  • Links to copies of the paperwork for submissions
  • Links to current copies of the ceremonies
  • Links to the OOP (Order of Precedence)
  • Has the Reporting Template

The O&A (Ordinary & Armorial)

  • This is where you can do conflict checking for devices

The SCA College of Arms

The Ildhafn Heraldic Resources page

  • This has links to many of the websites you may need to reference, including name documentation ones

For Kingdom Events held within the Barony

You will need to complete a CHAF (Court Herald Award Form) found here
( and forward
it to TRM for signing.