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Council Minutes - 20th January 2013

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on February 5, 2013 - 7:00pm
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Ildhafn Council Meeting January 20th 2013


In attendance: Angela Wells (Seneschal), Shannon Wanty (Reeve), Patrick Bowman (Herald), Katherine Davies (Webwright), Chantelle Gerrard (A&S), Eleanor Hall  (Marshal), Wendy Rowsell (Chatelaine), David Robb, Alasdair Muckart


Absent: No-one


Reports received online: All of them!

Webwright: I received an excellent handover from William de Cameron, and he's continuing to provide training and tech support when I need it - thank you.

Recent additions and changes:
- Event bookings
Webform was brilliant for St Caths. Now the event is over, I'll make
some changes to improve it for the next user. We should only rarely
need to create an entirely new form.

- Officer report due dates
If quarterly reports are due in the next fortnight you'll see a
reminder in the top right corner, above the upcoming events. Note that
this is only *quarterly* reports, for baronial officers (including the
reeve and seneschal). It won't cover Canton or Kingdom due-dates. This
is only visible to people who are logged in to the website. Newcomers
and random members of the public won't see it; our officers will only
see it if they log in.

- The music page is getting a lot of use, with the recent interest in
singing. I'm in the process of adding a section for "Crescent Isles
Dance Music". This will be somewhat separate from "our" music section.
The purpose is to make it easier for musicians to pull together a good
scratch-band for the CF ball, or other dance events in the Crescent
Isles. It's going on our website because ours is the most flexible and
accessible, and because this is where the interest currently is.

- The council list is now open to all interested members of the
populace. Sinech and William de Cameron are currently making use of
this - welcome to the list!

Other stuff:
- Still having trouble with the date fields on the regular activities.
If you need these altered over summer, please get me to do it. (It can
be done, you just have to update *all* the exception-dates every time
you refresh the page).

- Will try to track down what was going wrong for Nicola in uploading
photos to the gallery. If you have problems with the gallery, or any
other aspect of the site, please let me know. I can't fix everything,
but most things can be fixed.

- Can anyone think of a reason not to put our account details (i.e.
the stuff we email out with every event, so people can pay) up
permanently in the "group resources" section? I end up looking for
them in the most convoluted ways . . .


Katherine, enthusiastic new webwright

*Front page of the website was changed

Marshal: As it's a new year and as I'm intending to step down as Marshal at some point soon I thought I'd give a somewhat more in depth report then usual so I have all the information on hand to give to whoever succeeds me as Marshal (also writing one report is easier then multiple)

In short : no one died, no one was injured and everything is just rolling on as usual..

In more detail:

Rapier in Ildhafn city:

Rapier is ongoing in Ildhafn, off the top of my head all current active participants are authorised including the following people :

-Don William De Cameron,

-Don Emrys Tudor

-Don Martuccio (not 100% sure on his authorisation status but he hasn't been that active lately)

-Lord Ludwig

-Baron Benedict 

-Lady Christine

-Lady Eleanor

-Sir Wilhelm

The following people are currently authorized Marshalls:
-Don William
-Don Emyrs

I am currently unsure if Benedict  and Martuccio have current Marshall authorisations
People who sometimes take part but have had their authoirsations expire:
-Baroness Cecilia (I think it's expired)

Classes have not started yet for the year and will resume after Canterbury faire.

The Baronial Rapier Champion was decided at a tournament at St Catherine's Faire in December, Don William has retained the title yet again.

Heavy in the Canton of Cluain

Fighters practice has been steady over the last quarter and has resumed this year

No major events were held in the last 3 months in the Canton, we did manage to field enough fighters at St Caths to have a tournament.

We held a demo at the Ohaupo fireworks, mainly shoot a knight as a fund-raiser with some heavy displays as well,

Current authorised fighters:

Grayson Orr
Trent Deakin (Marshall)
Duncan Reid
Rob McIntyre
Roger Win 

1 fighter in training, a regular at fighters practise: Ben

Fighters with lapsed Authorisations:

James Win
Stephen Way
Josh Dobbs
Ian McCoomb

Archery practice is monthly.

 Attendances can be anything from 3 to 23 with 10 being the normal attendance over the past year with 6-8 being SCA people. The main body of those taking part are Geoff's Household: 

Gareth Robertson, 
Mark the Archer, 
Hakon de Falcon, 
Airika the Irishman, 
Lyulf St George and 
Albert Bossard. 

Denis Darkfire is currently attending Uni in AKL so we are only getting to see him during the holiday breaks.

Practice is held at Geoff's butts in Kihikihi and runs 13:00-15:00. After the shoot there is, naturally, socialising.

I wish to acknowledge both Rudiger and Geoff who have sent me information about heavy and archery and whose reports I shamelessly stole to include in this report.

Marshal of Ildhafn
Reeve: I've nearly finalised my quarterly report for the financial period 01/10/2012-31/12/2012, and will forward it in once I have done so.

In the mean time, the bank account stands at $8881.64.

I will be advertising for my replacement once I have submitted my quarterly report, as I am due to step down soon after the end of the next financial quarter (31/03/2012) and I would like to be able to take my replacement through the FYE report as part of my handover to them. Please start considering whether this is a role you would be able & willing to do - this is one of the hardest roles to fill, yet actually, it isn't all that stressful, doesn't take very long each month to do, and I'll be handing everything over in really good order so it's an easy time to take this on.

I'd just like to add to this that Katherine scanned and emailed through all the receipts for St Catherine's Faire. As part of the move to storing data online, I'd like to request that going forward all stewards please do this as part of their event wrap up, if they have access to a scanner. This is something that as Reeve I *could* do, however, since there are often delays between the wrap up of an event and the Reeve receiving the receipts I'd really appreciate stewards doing this where possible. This is especially important when there are delays in reporting: some of the receipts from the Collation are already fading significantly, and I only bought everything a fortnight ago!

Caterine de Vantier

A&S: Report for December/January

St Cath's had  amazing a and s participation, and a well balanced and
interesting schedule.

People are furiously making stuff for Canterbury Faire.

Singing has been wonderful and seemingly more regular with the
holidays and whenever we are together it happens which is great, as
well as the regular a and s sundays

a and s sundays have continued over the 'break'

The Collation was beautiful - thank you Shannon, your food was
stunning! and everyone who turned up looked was a good
test run to remind some of what we needed to fix before
faire....singing once again was great

It is nice to see that people from up here are doing quite a few
things in terms of classes etc for Canterbury Faire

Musician stuff finally got underway for is now all in
place for next year and Katherine's idea of the ball music page will
hopefully stop future holdups.

I was told to say stuff is happening.. so stuff is happening as you can see.


Herald: I've advertised for my replacement, and will specify a closing date of 14th February (coinciding with that for Senechal and Marshal).

My thanks to those who assisted with heraldic duties at St Caths, especially Chantelle and Alasdair.

I have lent the baronial markers to someone, but I don't remember whom.

I'd like to buy a suit bag for the tabard.  Something like this: 


Chatelaine: St Cath's - 2 people arrived un-garbed (friends of Geoffreyde Wulf). Geoff gave the man a tabard and I provided a sideless surcote from Gold Key for the lady.

I still have not purchased any black storage bins for the
gold key. They don't have them at the Warehouse anymore.
Does anyone know where I can find them?

I have received one e-mail contact from a lady named
Jovanna, in the week before the Collation event. I sent her
Shannon's details. Don't know if she contacted her or not. I
have followed up with another e-mail about sewing sundays.

That's all :)

Quartermaster: Most of the Baronial gear came back to my place after St

Caths and is now stored in my garage.

Katherine still has some items (tablecloths, teatowels)
which are yet to make it to my place.

Shannon collected a couple of boxes for the Collation event.
Will be retrieving these at council meeting.


Just an update:

Shannon has the tablecloths and teatowels - she took the lot from my
place for the collation, so she could pass them on to you with the
other stuff (thanks!).

I still have
- pages boxes
- roll of white cloth
- a box of miscellaneous stuff we don't use very often
- engraver
- a couple of table-cloths I've been meaning to repair, and haven't done yet

If it suits you Wendy, can we arrange a time for me to bring them to
your house after CF?

(ex-quartermaster - yaaaaaaaay!)



Meeting opened: 7.39pm


Past Events:


St Catherine's Faire 2012:

Financial Report

Katherine Davies, 20th January 2013

St Cath's made a healthy – very healthy! - profit: about $500.

I am pleased, but not terribly concerned that we over-charged people, as most of the profit is from 

reasonable, expected causes: 

• cooks who came in about 10% under budget (i.e. not enough I'd give them less to play with 

next time)

• many more people attending than break-even (not predictable: I didn't know when I set 

pricing whether we'd get a Royal Visit, and that has a large effect on attendance)

• we paid less for tenters, but didn't charge them less (I'm content with this one, as accounting 

for it separately would have cost me many, many more hours than you pay me for)

The total profit, though substantial is about 10% of the event fee. I'm comfortable with that.

Report contents

1. Summary of expenses

2. Summary of income

3. Comparison to budget

4. Detailed breakdown of event attendance – from sign-in forms

5. Detailed breakdown of site costs / overnight attendance

6. Possible refunds – to propose to council

7. Detailed breakdown of all expenses and receipts


Site (details below) 112



Patrick 294.10

Angela 128.87

Shannon 596.30

Andrew 985.10

Vanessa 274.46

Lunch 39.40

Firewood 100

Misc (loo paper, detergent) 18.95

Transport 70.54

Laundry 50

Rubbish disposal 17.20Total expenses 

(exluding levies and memberships)


Event memberships 30

Kingdom levy (see below) 54

Total outgoings

(expenses, levies and all)



This is largely taken directly from the reeve's report. She and I corresponded regularly before the 

event about expected payments, so she was able to determine immediately whether a given payment 

was correct. I have not double-checked her numbers as I trust her ability, and she has access to the 

online accounts. 

Online payments:

Previous financial year 177

Q1 0

Q2 869

Q3 2675.50

Cash received on day: 80

Total income: $3801.15

Total Profit 

(income minus total outgoings)


(With optional refunds) ($504.23)Comparison with budget – where did the profit come from?

Many of the numbers in the table below are approximate: the aim is to give a general picture of 

where the money came from, not to account for every cent (which is done elsewhere).

In some cases I spent slightly over budget but have still marked this down as “+ a bit” (i.e. some 

profit) because I calculated my per-person costs based on 30 adults attending the whole event, and 

actually got (and so collected) many more than that.

Expected total Budgeted per person 

cost (30 adults)

Actual amounts spent Difference

Site 12+per person 


17 17/pp: bunks, 

7/pp: tents, 

0/pp: no show

+ about $300

Food 50pp

fri dinner 7 pp 392 + about $60

breakfasts 5pp/day + about $50

Sat lunch 7pp On budget

feast 19pp + about $100

sun lunch 6pp On budget

Set-up lunch 40 1.30 About 40 + about 15

Royals 134 4.47 223 + about $90

Transport 60 About 70 + a bit

Laundry 40 50 + a bit

Misc (cleaning, 


50 About 40 + a bit

Firewood 0 100 -100

Late fees 0 30? +30

Total event attendance: from Sign-in forms

Total adult event members


=> pay $30 to SCANZ for event memberships

Total adult attendees


(34 members, plus 15 event members)

=> pay $49 to Kingdom for kingdom levy (but see below)Note that this includes $2 for the Crown, who did not in fact pay for the event. Since we made a 

substantial profit it would seem ungracious to quibble.


The reeve's spreadsheet shows that 54 adults paid for the event. I can account for 4 of those as 

adults who booked and paid for the event but didn't attend. I think we should still pass on their 

kingdom levies. One I can't account for. I propose paying the greater amount - $54 – to kingdom, as 

it's simplest for the reeve.

=>  total event levies due to kingdom: $54


12 minors attended the event (including 2 not on sign-in forms – added later by steward)

Total people at the event: 61

In addition, 4 adults booked and paid but didn't attend (or cancel before close of bookings); and 3 

adults and one child booked and didn't pay, nor attend (nor cancel before close of bookings).

Details of overnight attendance / site costs:

Number of people Cost per person Total cost

Friday 30/11/12 bunkrooms 16 $8.50 $136

tents 27 $3.50 $94.50

Saturday 1/12/12 bunkrooms 17 $8.50 $144.50

tents 26 $3.50 $91

TOTAL $466

We had already paid Camp Sladdin a $12 booking fee and $100 bond. The site manager requested 

that we pay her $366, rather than us paying her $466 and her refunding our $100 bond.

Site costs were calculated on actual overnight attendance, not bookings.

Proposed refunds:

I don't propose making general refunds – cancelling at the last minute is a nightmare for stewards, 

just not showing up is even worse. I don't want to encourage it (especially as the same people tend 

to be repeat-offenders).

However, I'd like to make exceptions for Katherine Xavier (Margaret McGonagle) and Serafina 

(Meghann Exley). Both booked and paid in advance, offered their services as cooks, were unable to 

attend due to serious illness, and made every effort to contact the steward and assist in making 

alternative arrangements to cover their responsibilities (Katherine in particular). 

As both were willing to contribute significantly to the event, beyond just being “consumers”, I 

would like to offer them both refunds.

Both paid $80. 

The total refund would be $160.

That would reduce our profit to: $504.23

Details of expenditure, receipts and reimbursements for St Caths 2012

The receipts referred to below have been scanned and attached as a pdf.

-- Katherine Davies / Katherina Weyssin, January 2013

There are a number of small discrepancies (none more than $2) between the amounts I originally 

reported to the reeve and the amounts on the receipts (detailed below). These arose because I added 

them up quickly, while tired (either at the event or immediately after), in an effort to process all the 

reimbursements promptly, as I went overseas almost immediately after the event. I sincerely 

apologise to the reeve for the extra work this causes her!

I propose that where we find we owe someone a small amount we pay it to them, and where we find 

that someone owes us a small amount, we ignore/forgive it.  That is what I have assumed in making 

the "event expenses" table: I will adjust the table if the reeve, or group, decides to act otherwise.


Bond receipt – Site received $112 in advance as bond ($100) and booking fee ($12). 

Site - the remainder of $366 was paid after event.


Patrick Bowman, Friday dinner.

No advance, budget was $352, receipts to $292.10, r   equest reimbursement of $   292.10. 

$59.90 under budget.

Patrick's receipts

1. 92.08

2.  88.07

3. 28.42

4. 85.53

**Total – 294.10

(Add to $2 to previous reimbursement – Katherine miscalculated)

Angela Wells, both breakfasts.

Advanced $445, of which she passed $210 to Shannon to buy breakfast food; receipts to $128.87, 

return $106.13 by direct credit.

$106.13 under budget (but see below, for Shannon)

Angela's receipts

1. 128.87

Total – $128.87

Shannon Wanty, Saturday lunch.

Shannon also bought food for breakfasts, and miscellaneous cleaning supplies for the steward. Her 

meal was on-budget, though she spent over her advance: the difference is in extra expenses she 

incurred that were budgeted for elsewhere.

Advanced $360.50. She also had $210 of Angela's budget/advance to buy food for breakfast. Thus 

her total advance was $570.50.  Receipts to $596.01.

$25.60 over budget (but treat that as part of the breakfast budget).

R     eimbursement of $25.60. Shannon's receipts

1. 85.80 (breakfasts)

2. 76.29 (breakfasts and lunch)

3. 48.25 (lunch)

4. 49.22 (lunch)

5. 317.62 (breakfasts and lunch)

6. 18.85 (misc cleaning products, on behalf of steward)

** Total – 596.30

(Add 20c to previous reimbursement – Katherine miscalculated)

Shannon noted later that there's $1.84 for a bottle of soda for her own consumption on one 

receipt, and offered to pay for that herself : ignore, I'm happy to pay for that since she consumed 

it while cooking, as a last-minute request to cover for the original lunch-cook, who was sick.

Email from Shannon 5/12, subject

 Re: cooking budgets, reimbursement

: And with the deduction of the fizzy, I only need reimbursement of $25.60 - $1.84, so $23.76. 

Not sure which receipt this is in – will check

Andrew Linn, feast.

Advanced $1092.50, budget was $1092.50, receipts to $985.05, has returned $107.40 to reeve in 

cash. Seneschal and steward agreed on the night that $0.05 difference was not worth pursuing. 

$107.40 under budget

Andrew's receipts

1. 94.70

2. 461.89

3. 51.90

4. 27.97

5. 30.00

6. 39.62

7. 276.97

** Total $983.05

(Steward finds a discrepancy of $2 between the total she and Andrew both calculated from the 

receipts on the night of the event, and that she calculates now. It's so small I suggest we ignore 


Vanessa Robb, Sunday lunch.

No advance, budget was $270, receipts to $274.46, r   equest reimbursement of $   274.46.

$4.46 over budget – not significant, reimburse full amount. (Vanessa was happy to receive the 

smaller amount, but that seemed petty to the steward and reeve).

Vanessa's receipts

1. 17.00 (effectively – 16.99 rounded for cash payment)

2. 35.80 (effectively - $35.85 rounded for cash payment)

3. 44.90 total

- 3.34 (excluded – kept for personal use)

- 7.87 (excluded – kept for personal use)

4. 205.77 total

- 13.81 (excluded – kept for personal use)

- 3.99 (excluded – kept for personal use)

Total - $274.46Steward and deputies:

Katherine Davies (steward):

Lunch for set-up crew: budget was $40 / $1.30pp, receipts to $39.40. Request reimbursement of 


Loo paper and dishwashing liquid: reciept to $18.50.

Firewood. Not included in budget. Cost $100 for 1 cubic metre of firewood, delivered to site. 

Steward paid cash, and requests reimbursement. Nicola, who ordered it, received emailed receipt.

Note: only about 1/2 cubic metre was used (we couldn't buy a smaller quantity). That which 

remains is in David Robb's shed. He is willing to buy it from the Barony for $50 (and re-sell it to us 

at a later date, if we want it and he hasn't used it).

Requested reimbursement for steward for $157.90. Received.  

Katherine's receipts

1. 13.80 (effectively – rounded for cash payment) (lunch)

2. 25.60 (lunch)

3. 18.95 (loo paper and detergent)

4. 100.00 (firewood – steward paid in cash, Nicola was invoiced by email, invoice attached)

**Total: $158.36

Discrepancy of 46 cents, because the steward mistranscribed "$18.95" as "$18.50" when adding 

up receipts immediately after the event.

Nicola Halliday (deputy steward):

Lighting: Nicola Halliday bought a pile of emergency tea-lights. She doesn't have the receipt. It was 

about $11, she is prepared to wear it.

David Robb (assisted steward):

Transport: petrol for moving float from Vanessa's paddocks, to quartermaster/steward, to site, to 

new quartermaster, and back to Vanessa cost $70.54 (see receipt). Budget was $60/$2.70pp Request 

reimbursement to David Robb for $70.54.

Laundry. Budget was $40. Receipt presented for $50. Request reimbursement to David Robb   for   


Wendy Rowsell (incoming quartermaster):

 $17.20 for 8 bags. Reciept will be presented to reeve at council meeting (so not in my scanned 

collection yet). Request reimbursement for $17.20.

For reeve: outstanding expenses/reimbursements at 20 Jan 2012:

Wendy, $17.20, for rubbish bags

Katherine, $00.46, for loo-paper, in addition to that above – she miscalculated

Patrick, $2 for food, in addition to that above – Katherine miscalculatedShannon - $00.20 for food, in addition to that above – Katherine miscalculated

Event memberships - $30

Kingdom levy - $54

Income not yet received at 20 Jan 2012:

Anne Ginders –  $51 event fee (don't expect to collect) (booked, didn't attend, cancelled late)

Shelley –  $59 event fees (don't expect to collect) (booked for herself and daughter, didn't attend)

Details of cash payments:

Almost everyone paid by direct deposit. 

The steward provided a float of $35, and took $80 on the day (2 payments of $40 each). $80 has 

been passed to the reeve, and $35 retained by the steward.

Breakdown of cash payments:

Elizabeth Thomson paid $40

- adult non-member

- partial event attendance + event membership

(no late fee)

David Baskeyfield paid $40

- 3 adult non-members, plus one infant

- partial event attendance (various rates) + 3 event memberships

(no late fee)


Katherine would like to reimburse Katherine Xavier and Serafina for their event bookings as they were both seriously unwell, had done work ahead of the event for the event, and were generally very helpful - neither had requested reimbursement. Council agreed to this reimbursement.


Collation: Sending through the data for the Collation now, I'll speak a little more about the event itself at Council.

We had 14 full members attend, three event members, and one toddler.

We brought in a total of $229 for the event.
Kingdom Levies are owed of $16.
Event Memberships are owed of $6.
I spent $203.77 on food.
The event made a profit of a whopping $3.23.

I was advanced $180 to spend on food, so would request reimbursement of the remaining $23.77.




The event went well. We had one newcomer. Katherine had made the suggestion of shifting the event to the evening for summer in Auckland, Shannon thought this was a good idea. On reflection Shannon would choose a beach with less stairs to get to it - although this particular beach was a good choice in terms of privacy as the group wasn't interrupted during the day and could get on with things. Shannon also said that next time she would also take a chilly bin to help avoid food wastage.


Upcoming Events:


The Bloth: The hall that David had in mind is not looking like a good option. David is investigating some alternatives, including a new potential camping site which is slightly more expensive but may suit us. The event is still pending full approval based on finding a suitable site.


Chest Making Workshop: Ed Braithwayte & Llewellyn are planning to run a non-SCA workshop weekend over Easter to make six board chests for personal use at cost, with only about 10 people in the workshop. People would need to pay for this in advance. People are welcome to stay in tents. Katherine asked whether we run it through their accounts as a completely private thing, or put it through our bank account. Since it's a workshop we wouldn't need to pay Levies. Total financial cost to the group would be nil. Nicola commented that this would add transparency. Wendy commented that we do need to be very careful with keeping proper records. Council is generally happy with this.


St Sebastian's: Chantelle says please book early as there is limited space on site. The booking form has made it really easy for you to do this!


Crescent Fence: Patrick said that it's our turn to run this. Matt may have been looking at putting together a bid for this, but regardless we should see one soon.


St Cath's: Now open for bids!


Crown Event: Rudiger mentioned it would be nice to have one of these and potentially looking at 2014 for this.


Museum Demos: Chantelle commented that we may have a couple of opportunities here later in the year.




Kingdom Levy/Event Membership Payments: As was brought up with the St Cath's report, 49 people attended the event, but we received payment of $54 towards levies, covering people that didn't attend the event. The group made the decision that in these cases we pay the amount of money that we've received, regardless of attendance.


Tealights: Are to be included in the Quartermaster gear as a standard back up option for when we can't use the oil lamps.


Group Guidelines: Ange suggested that we all look at this, and that we come back to this after Canterbury Faire. Katherine commented that in addition to talking about how Council meetings run, we should have something in place about how events are run. Patrick and Wendy think that these should be in a separate document, Katherine thinks they should be subsets of the same document. Patrick would like to get something in place as soon as possible. Someone suggested that we send through the proposed guidelines as they are now for Council meetings, and we discuss the bit about stewarding events later. Everyone agreed this was good, Ange will forward it to the Kingdom Seneschal and SCANZ.


A&S Meetings: Ange asked Katherine to lead the discussion since she brought this up on the Council list. The suggestion from Katherine is that we discuss where meetings will be held at January before Faire, with the idea that this will keep the changeover happening regularly, or at least allow us to revisit it and agree to continue at the current location. Katherine suggested January since things tend to be quiet then. Al proposed that the move itself takes place after Canterbury Faire.


Al suggested forming a list of features that would be good for anyone wanting to host it,. Katherine commented that it's a good idea, but we also need to bear in mind that nowhere is going to be perfect. Katherine has a personal interest in continuing doing some of the A&S at Al & Mel's or Shannon's as having a keyboard is really useful for her in terms of singing. People discussed bouncing it around, either alternating locations, or having it for a month in a row for people. Ange commented that since it is a social thing as well, sometimes having it somewhere that isn't ideal sometimes might be fine. People discussed concerns such as travel time, travel cost, travel ability. Most people are happier to travel where it's close to the motorway or on a main arterial route.


Al thinks that it's something to discuss on the list rather than Council as it impacts on a much wider group. David commented that soliciting input from the list is valid, but actually making a decision at Council based on feedback. Everyone agreed that someone (probably the Seneschal) in early January will email requesting that people wanting to host the event put themselves forward, and everyone discuss it on the list, with the decision being made at the January Council meeting.


Al & Mel, Ange, Wendy, and Shannon are all happy to host it. Ange suggested sending it back to Al & Mel's place after CF and the four people discuss a potential roster following CF. Everyone is happy with that.


Copyright: Everyone is in agreement that we need to define the copyright terms on the website. It's important to try and get it right so that people are comfortable with it and continue to use it as if we get it wrong and people stop using it then it's redundant. Katherine would like it to be discussed tonight, but with a decision to be reached later - probably at the February meeting.


In terms of implementation, Katherine imagines that once we've made a decision she'll put up a page on the website about it and advertise this on the menu, with a comment that anything after 'x' date has 'y' copyright policy unless otherwise noted on that page. Ideally most content should be falling under the generic group website copyright, with exceptions being discussed on a case-by-case basis.


All content prior to this Katherine is only able to change through discussion with the contributor. Ideally over the rest of the year Katherine would like to roll back the copyright terms over the old stuff, by her discussing this with each individual contributor and coming to a solution.


The photo gallery is slightly difficult as there are so many photos and it's difficult to figure out who added what.


Katherine will also advertise on the website and on Althing/Local lists asking people to contact her and check that they're happy with things, and have a cut off date where they'll be put under that if it hasn't been identified who contributed them and no-one comes forward about them.


Nicola asked if it's possible to have the gallery included under a different policy to the written work as she has more issue releasing photographs to be used by other groups. Katherine commented that there are two issues here, one is copyright which is the artists' ownership of a photo - the other is privacy rights, which concern the people of whom the image is taken.


Katherine would also like to include written policies on website content. For example, checking with parents before including photos of children on the website and not naming those children. A lot of stuff we're already doing by unwritten consensus anyway, but it would be good to get it written down.


Katherine commented that we can post our requests on how we would like our work to be used from the website. E.g. we allow people to do such-and-such, but we request that they ask/do this-and-that - so that there is clear information about how people can use information or images from the website. This also should make it easier for people to use the content even if the people that created the content have moved on/can't be located.


David noted that the SCANZ policies about websites/image use aren't very good currently and we might want to look at getting some changed.


Nicola commented that in the USA they often don't include image galleries as they need to get written permission from everyone for each individual photo to be used. Katherine commented that overseas there are often model release forms to cover usage.


There was a lot of discussion about what the group would prefer, and how this would be implemented. The general group preference is towards attribution, pending further discussion.


Canterbury Faire storage: There is an option for storing some group stuff in the SG storage at Canterbury Faire. Katherine would like Council's permission to spend an amount of money at Christchurch towards this. The amount would be up to about $300 for things like, a couple of storage boxes, a gas burner, a dozen plates & bowls, maybe other things like cups/utensils, frying pan, egg slice, a couple of metal buckets, a scrubber, a mallet & broom, spare ten pegs and mallets, a can opener, a couple of bottle openers, ropes etc. Everyone agreed. Ange pointed out that this will obviously be dependent on confirmed space.


Storage bins: Wendy as Quartermaster has bought two more and has presented a receipt for $25.90 for reimbursement.


Meeting closed: 10.04pm