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Collation in Honour of St Benedict Biscop

Date and Time: 
Saturday, January 12, 2013 - 12:00 to 18:00

Enjoy an afternoon at the beach as we celebrate the Saints' Day of St Benedict Biscop, patron Saint of collectors. A fine lunch in the style of a 16th century Italian collation will be provided for your predilection. The event will be relaxed and open-ended, however, suitable activities may be presented to delight and entertain, depending upon the whim of the participants - perhaps some outdoor games, a relic hunt, or a paddle in the water....

Please note: Bookings for this event have now closed.

What's a Collation?

A Collation is a light meal, served cold, usually outdoors. It's just a bit posher than a normal lunch.

Why is Benedict Biscop patron Saint of collectors?

Basically, in the early 8th century AD, Benedict made a number of trips through Europe to Rome, collecting all sorts of things and people to take back to his monastery. He collected all sorts of relics, paintings and books - but he also collected an assortment of masons and glaziers for the building work, and a Roman choir master to teach his choir how to sing. If you want to read more about him, try Wikipedia.

Date and Time

The event will be on Saturday 12th January 2013, starting at midday, with the collation available for consumption from 12.30pm. The event is open-ended, as it will continue for as long as people are interested in attending (within reason).

If the weather is awful, the event will be postponed until Sunday, 13th January 2013, again starting at midday. The Steward will advertise to the email lists no later than 9am on the Saturday if the event will be postponed.

If the weather is awful on the Sunday, there will be a normal A&S Sunday at Shannon's house, and those that have paid for the event will be able to partake of the food prepared for it afterwards. Again, the Steward will advertise to the email lists no later than 9am if this is the case.

If you are travelling from out of town and would like to attend A&S on the Sunday and need help making billeting arrangements, please note this in the booking form where it says "Is there anything else you'd like to suggest, request or offer?" The Steward will get in touch with you to help you arrange this.


The picnic area at Larkings Landing, Beach Haven Road, Beach Haven, Auckland.

f you type "Larkings Landing, Beach Haven" into google maps it will give you a map of the area.

To basically get there, drive to the end of Beach Haven Road, and park your car (or catch a bus - they stop within 200m of site).

You will notice there is a grassy area and a sign saying "Hilder's Park" - you are in the correct area; the park is the bit at the top, Larking's Landing is the beachy bit at the bottom. :-) Unfortunately for us, the public toilets are at the park bit at the top.

Please note: There are TWO access points to the beach (besides swimming or boating in).

1. The stairs on the left (I will place the SCA sign next to these) - just follow these down and carry on to the grassy area at the bottom on your left to locate the picnic area where we will be set up. These are quite steep, so I suggest that if you have trouble with stairs, take option two below. :-)

2. The pathway. Although the wharf itself is currently closed, you can in fact still access the path to the beach. To do so, walk between the fenced off area and the public toilets. Continue down along the grass following the fence line, and you should spot a pathway to your left about ten metres passed the toilet block. The pathway will lead you down to the beach area - once you reach this, continue around to your left until you find the grassy picnic area where we'll be set up. :-)

A shady spot will be chosen for set up - however, it would pay to bring a hat and the sunblock!

Parents, please note that although the picnic area itself is somewhat above the beach, children will still require fairly close supervision as there is easy access to the water - it may pay to bring some towels and clothes that you don't mind them (or you) getting wet in!

NOTE: The rain site for Sunday in case of rain on both days has now been changed to SHANNON's house, also in Beach Haven. As this is a private address, directions will be emailed if required to attendees.


The cost for the event is $13 for Members, $15 for Event Members. Pricing for children is $1 per year of age, to a maximum of $13.

Payment by Direct Deposit is very much preferred - please make payments into the "SCANZ Inc Barony of Ildhafn" bank account, 38-9012-0095212-00. Please list your name and Collation as references.

If paying by cash or cheque, please deposit at Kiwibank ahead of the event into the account "SCANZ Inc Barony of Ildhafn" 38-9012-0095212-00. Please let the Steward know if you are intending to pay by cash or cheque on the day.


Please note: Bookings for this event have now closed.


Lady Caterine de Vantier (Shannon Wanty) is the Steward and primary cook, with Lady Anna de Wilde (Angela Wells) as Deputy Steward, and Lady Katherine of Glastonbury (Nadia Benton) helping with the food/research. In the first instance, please contact the Steward if you have any questions relating to this event.