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Council Minutes - 28th of October 2012

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on October 28, 2012 - 12:00am
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Ildhafn Council Meeting Minutes October 2012


In Attendance: Angela Wells (Seneschal), Shannon Wanty (Reeve), Eleanor Hall (Marshal), David Robb (Webwright), Wendy Rowsell (Chatelaine), Patrick Bowman (Herald),Katherine Davies (St Cath's Steward)


Apologies:  Chantelle Gerrard (A&S Officer) 




Meeting Opened: 7.35pm


Reports Received Online:




Our ONE account shows a balance of $9844.37. The increase reflects payments coming in from St Cath's, as no expenses for this event have been paid out yet.

I discovered a cool thing with the Kiwibank online banking. They've started just listing payments as "Direct Credit", which is annoying - but if you click on the line then it gives you a full summary of what it is, which is useful. It looks like they even are actually doing this for cash deposits, which they never used to, so that's good.

We need to pay some Levies. We only actually need to pay out $36 for Membership Levies and $48 for the Kingdom Levy, as the rest is relating to St Cath's, which hasn't yet been finalised and won't be for some time. I will set up transactions and let the appropriate parties know once this is done, so that someone can go in and approve the payments.





Arts and Sciences are still happening on a regular Sunday basis

The personal projects page on the Ildhafn website is continually being used.

St John’s was wonderful and many things a and s orientated took place.

Singing led by Katherine on Sundays has been happening quite regularly

Cluain changed a and s officers at St John’s

St John’s was an amazingly lovely event – see the stewards report on the Ildhafn website

for more information.


Regular A&S meetings:


- Dancing, Thursday evenings, split between beginner's and by invitation.

- Sewing, and other projects Sunday afternoons


Upcoming Events


Big A and S sunday in November

Cluain Hasstelude – in november

Saint Catherine’s Faire in the last weekend of November

Shannon has put forth a competition for embroidery at St Cath’s

rent Projects


The populace continues to use the web page/blog on the Ildhafn site to post their current



Forementioned projects in other reports are still coming along


Ring making classes happened at both St John’s and A and S Sunday on the 14th October

led by myself.


Emerus is practicing his violin to be ready for the ball at Canterbury Faire and him and I

are occasionally practicing together at his house


Katherine is trying to communicate with SG about ball musicians and music.


I finished my Christina of Denmark outfit in time for st John’s and have started a facebook

page for primary resources for reenacters which seems to be going down well.


The ball on the tenth of November has been cancelled as I did not get the bid in on time

due to the school not getting back to us in time, and personal reasons – it was suggested

instead that we hold it after Canterbury faire in the down season.


Elanore (Nichola) is going well with her dress and (Shannon Wanty) is still keeping her on



Cluain report sent through


Grimr – presentation on the history of medieval locks & lockpicks


Lady Christine Bess Duvant – Ring making class/workshop


..i will be having a word to him about formatting ……


Reports Received in Person:


Marshal: Stuff happened at St John's – Nicola will send through a written report. No-one hurt or dead. Two new rapier authorisations, and some more heavy authorisations (six or seven). There was a heavy tournament at St John's. Regular rapier stuff is happening. Nicola is looking for a deputy to take over when she steps down, if the Earl Marshal agrees.


Herald: Patrick will want to advertise for a successor soon as he will have done three years in March.


Chatelaine: Wendy got an email about someone, and forwarded it through to Angela to look after. Ange is in the process of following this up.


Webwright: David has received one application for Webwright – Katherine Davies. He has emailed this through to Kingdom Webminister about this.


Past Events: None


Upcoming Events:


St Cath's: Going fine. Katherine has put out some more advertisements for this. Chantelle is going to post it on Gathering Darkness again, on Wendy's behalf as she has no computer access. Bookings at 36 – 3 children, the Royals, and 31 adults paying for the event. There's still about another 10 people that Katherine can think of that have not yet booked – good numbers to be comfortable at this site. Katherine is setting the schedule over the next couple of weeks, with the relevant parties. Wendy will email all the newbies to encourage them to come along.


First Sunday: Chantelle said that she has finally heard back about the hall hire. They have now come back to say that we couldn't use it on one of the dates we requested, and that there would be a charge of $100. So she is going to have a look at the Birkdale Community Hall, which cost $36, and we'd need to look at charging people for it. Wendy said she'd be happy to have it at her place for a different location with room for fencing/heavy fighting. The current plan is just to have a normal Sunday at Al & Mel's. Potentially we could look at advertising a workshop if there are people that want to run one. If it's a workshop that can't be done at Al & Mel's, having some notice (i.e. a couple of weeks) on a venue change would be handy. Chantelle is going to post to the list inviting people to get in touch if they want to run a particular workshop.


General Business:


Baronial Library: The suggestion was made that we put a notice on the email list about suggestions on what to do with the Baronial Library. Some stuff would be useful to keep – Compleat Anachronists, Knowne World Handbook, Tournaments Illuminated, copies of the Lochac Snog Book, some of the craft books. David thought that we should get a new copy of the Known World Handbook for the group – Nicola has a copy which she will bring along to an A&S Sunday for people to look at and make a decision. Wendy thought that we should look at selling stuff we don't need/want to keep – as part of the lost property auction at St Cath's, she's happy to supervise this. Chantelle will email the list to request any feedback that people might have.


Account Signatories: David's happy to remain an account signatory when he steps down as Webwright, or be replaced if we'd like to do that. We estimated that he's been a signatory for about eight years.


Group Guidelines: There was no discussion on the list so Ange is going to postpone this until next month. Ange is going to find the email again and poke the list to answer!


Council Meeting closed: 8.24pm