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Council Minutes - 30 September 2012

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on September 30, 2012 - 6:00pm
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Ildhafn Council Meeting Minutes September 2012 In Attendance: Angela Wells (Seneschal), Shannon Wanty (Reeve), Eleanor Hall  (Marshal), David Robb (Webwright), Wendy Rowsell (Chatelaine), Katherine Davies (St Cath's Steward) Apologies: Chantelle Gerrard (A&S Officer), Patrick Bowman (Herald)


Meeting Opened: 7.43pm

Reports Received Online:

Reeve: We had a historic moment yesterday, as Angela and I went and closed the National Bank accounts. This was by far the easiest thing that we have ever tried to do with National Bank. The lady was very nice and printed out all the statements that hadn't been sent since they finally sent the last lot of statements that hadn't been sent. She set up the transfer to Kiwibank for us to occur Monday night and the accounts will actually be properly closed on Tuesday once they are empty. The closing balance of both National bank accounts combined (Ready Saver and the current account) came to $5324.37. This included $0.85 for unused cheques (worth 5c each), which are being securely destroyed by them. The Kiwibank account is sitting at a healthy $3023.08, although with plenty of payments coming in for St Cath's bookings we'll expect to see this decrease again somewhat as the expenses for it go out. We have outstanding levies of $86 to be paid, which I will set up the transactions for and request a cosignatory to approve. With the National Bank accounts taken care of and the paper files generally tidy, my next aim is to get our paper files scanned and stored electronically, so everything should be in good order when I step down next year.

Chatelaine: Very short this month: Nothing to report!

Marshal: Very little of interest. rapier hasn't been happening, stuff has ground to a halt this month, no injuries and no mishaps to report.   Next month we will be starting Spanish.

A&S: Not much to report other than when I hear back from mt carmel about a hireage fee (which I am hoping there wont be) then I will put in the bid for the ball. We have the space for the first sun of nov and nov ten for the ball. there will be ring making on the 14th oct at william and catilinas I will be contacting katherine to arrange a time to meet and discuss the a and s timetable for st caths based on all the feedback from the forms. We have a lot of people wanting to teach. Shannon has a good idea for a comp/challenge for between st johns and st caths that she can explain tonight if she is willing.

Reports Submitted in Person:

Webwright: David intends to step down as webwright. David will still lurk in the background running the server etc, but as point of contact he intends to step down at St Cath's. He will post an advertisement to the Ildhafn list soon. Katherine is thinking of applying. Angela said thank you to David for his long service to the group, and for creating a really good, functional website that the populace is able to update.

Past Events:


Upcoming Events:

St Catherine's Faire: Katherine's been away so hasn't done much this month. Booking at 26, including 22 paying adult members, one toddler, one teenager, and Royalty. She's going to have another push at advertising it this week. Wendy commented that some of the earlier members of the group are thinking of booking. Katherine said that to date about 50% of bookings are from outside of the group. Numbers should be fine, probably about 50ish. Katherine will sit down with Nicola and Chantelle over the next couple of weeks to lock down the schedule. It's going to be based on what people have said in their booking forms. Katherine will mention the deadline for booking and getting your feedback included for consideration in constructing the schedule. Wendy will re-advertise on Facebook and Gathering Darkness at the same time that Katherine re advertises on the mailing list.

November Ball: Ange will talk to Chantelle about her bid, as we need a formal bid to be submitted for consideration by Sunday 7th October at the very latest if the event is to be considered.

General Business: Rules of the Group: Ange asked for us all to please have another look at what Patrick has emailed to the list, so that we can consider this at October's Council Meeting. She'd like us to have a bit more discussion about it, at which point she'll collate what has been said and then put this to the populace either via the list or to the forums on the Ildhafn website. David suggested posting the document to be discussed on the website, and asking it to be discussed online – email has a bit of an advantage in terms of generating discussion.

Helms: David is going to take them to St John's. No-one has got in touch about wanting them. They've been advertised for ages. If they don't go at St John's. Nicola asked if they'd been advertised to Southron Gaard, David said that they have. Everybody was happy with them being advertised on TradeMe if no-one takes them at St John's. Wendy suggested that the King of Swords might be interested – David thought that if they go on TradeMe he'll flick an email to the King of Swords. Wendy can post a message to Gathering Darkness with a link to the bid. Council is happy with David invoicing the group for the TradeMe fees.

Black Plastic Bins: Wendy would like to get a couple of black plastic bins for the Gold Key garb – everyone is happy with this. She will submit receipts for reimbursement. Katherine will also need to purchase an extra two to four boxes for the Quartermaster's gear as replacements for older bins and several that are her own. The group approved this as well.

Royal Visit: Since the Royals are visiting for St Cath's, Katherine has asked whether we would like to contribute anything to their visit. Wendy asked how much excess baggage fees tend to come to. Ange said that it will vary quite a lot depending on who they're travelling with. Katherine didn't include it as part of the St Cath's budget so would like it to stand alone as a separate thing. Council discussed this and thought that $150 seems like a reasonable amount to offer as a contribution towards excess baggage fees. David will communicate with the Crown about that.

Yay for Our Barony: Wendy would just like to say how much she appreciates our group, and how willing everyone is to help each other out and make sure that things happen and that Event Stewards are supported.

SCANZ AGM: This is happening at St Cath's, at 8.30pm on Friday evening (most likely). The Agenda will be coming out this week.

Council Meeting closed: 8.21pm