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St John's

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Date and Time: 
Friday, October 5, 2012 - 17:00 to Sunday, October 7, 2012 - 15:00

BOOK HERE, book now, book early, book often. But above all BOOK HERE.

Further details are on the event website.

From the stewards:

"Welcome to St John's - a weekend of fighting and friendship on the slopes of Mt Pirongia.

Once again the populace will decamp to the Lodge - some to fight for the Peacock and the Relic, others to teach, learn, and  practice the best of Arts & Sciences, and all  to socialise with excellent food, fine entertainment, and the best company for miles.

The year is 1096 - Pope Urban II is urging Roman Catholic Europe to go to the aid of the Byzantine Emperor Alexios, who is struggling with the Turks in Anatolia.  Whispers are rising, however, that the Pope's goal is no longer the goodwill of Byzantium, but the recapture of the Holy City of Jerusalem...

This is all a long way from Lochac's Crescent Isles, of course, and Cluainites are never ones to make hasty choices...  Join us as we debate the merits of pilgrimage, explore the new and exotic wares and crafts of the Holy Land, and battle for the Golden Peacock and the legendary Relic.

Come for the weekend, come for the night, come for the day, or just come for the Feast!  We look forward to seeing you there."