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Music for the Canterbury Faire Ball, 2013

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on August 20, 2012 - 11:48am

Music notes are on this page. Dance notes are here. IMG_6646

The order of the dances might change a bit, but it's unlikely that the content will.

We'll add  sheet music, sound files and performance notes as we can - keep checking back. 

Sheet music
Times to play  whole piece of music?
Other notes about the music
    First set
1. Simple Branles   2-3 minutes  
2. Earl of Essex Measure

sheet music

3. Auld Almain 3  
4. New Almain 3  
5. Ly Bens Distonys   about 3 minutes  
6. Galliard    3-5 minutes  
    ~Tassel Kick: more galliard music ~
1. Rostiboli Gioioso    2  
2. Belfiore    3  
3. Spero    2  
4. Presonera    2 don't need the final repeat of the bassadanza section
5. Reale sheet music, sound file  1  
6. Ginevra    2 I need to arrange this. It will be two measures shorter (in each repeat) than the music on the CD (which is labelled "Pazienza"). Play dance twice.
    Third Set
1. Il Conto Del Orco    (check)  
2. Contrapasso Nuovo    (check)  
3. Cesarina    (check)  
4. Spagnoletta    6  
5. So ben mi chi ha buon tempo      
6. Ballo del Fiore    about 5 minutes  
1. Alenchon    1  
2. La Danse de Cleves    1  
3. Amoroso    4  
4. Anello    2  

5. La Figlia di Guglielmino

6. Petit Riens    3  

Musicians who will be playing for the CF ball:

Please get in touch if you're willing to play.

I'd like to have rehearsals every morning, as last year. If you'll need music transposed, the sooner you get in touch the better. If you'd like a cd of the ball list so you know what you're aiming for when you practice, get in touch and I'll mail you one.

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