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Council Meeting - 27th of May 2012

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on May 28, 2012 - 8:52pm
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 Barony of Ildhafn Minutes, 27th of May 2012

In Attendance: Angela Wells (Seneschal), Shannon Wanty (Reeve), Eleanor Hall (Marshal),  Patrick Bowman (Herald), David Robb (Webwright)

Apologies: Wendy Rowsell (Chatelaine), Chantelle Gerrard (A&S)

Meeting Opened: 7.40pm


Received Online:

Reeve, everyone else is covered by Quarterly Reports

Past Events:

Katherina & William’s Birthday Ball: Everyone really enjoyed the birthday ball and it went well. 12 people attended, including two folk dancers from Hamilton. Breakeven was 10. Received $96 in cash, three paid online. Two non-members attended so $4 for SCANZ. Patrick will supply receipts for the venue and sundry goods, we will reimburse once these have been received. Patrick thanked everyone that went and helped, especially Nicola, and we all thanked Patrick for running it.

Upcoming Events:

The Bloth: Wendy sent through a report online, saying that 16 bookings have been received with none from Hamilton yet. Wendy wants to know whether we continue if the event doesn’t  meet the break even. Currently we are looking at a loss of $140, decreasing by $14 for each extra person than books. Council was generally in agreement that the damage from not running the event is more than the financial loss, and so we should go ahead – there is still time for more people to book. Wendy asked about advertising on Facebook and everyone was in agreement that advertising on Facebook is an excellent plan if Wendy is willing to arrange this. David commented that advertising on Facebook was always a good idea as long as it wasn’t the only advertisement.

General Business:

Getting rid of rusty plates: There’s a whole lot that need to go, and potentially be replaced. Shannon said perhaps it was time to look at making consistent sets of stuff. Patrick suggested this be done as needed for events. Shannon suggested that perhaps when we are replacing then to get to consistent quantities for the sizes of events we’re running. At the moment we just need to get rid of stuff and not replace it. David suggested when we do replace things, to make sure metal is stainless steel, and to go for things that are plain and stack easily.

Cash Float for Events: Patrick commented that we don’t take a lot of cash these days, he got a cash float because of the unusual cost of the event. David said that we could cover this by allowing a float to be issued to stewards via internet banking. Shannon liked that as a solution as this makes things very straightforward and easy. Everyone is happy with stewards approaching the Council for a cash advance. At the moment with varied events spread out in time, this is a much more practical solution to handling it. Shannon will email out to event stewards to let them know that if they need a cash float, they just need to ask the council and specify how much they’re requesting, and we’ll approve it and put it through. Shannon will email through her information on handling cash at events if they need it, and emphasise that the float must be kept separate from other cash at the event, and is not to be used as a petty cash source.

Archery targets: Angela has not heard back regarding these.

Helms: David still has two that belong to Ildhafn. Cluain has a bunch of heavies at the moment. David will get in touch with Roger to find out if these would be useful to people to purchase – potentially sending them down for people to try on. Otherwise he would like to advertise them on TradeMe. We paid just over $200 each for them, we were initially selling them at $220, but they are beginning to rust so David suggested that dropping the price just to sell them would be a good option. David will check the state of the helms and initially aim at selling them at their original sale price, otherwise will drop the price to cost, or if they’re not in such good condition will then look at lowering that.

Storage: David will follow up on this, he’s been a  bit busy.

Group guidelines: Ange and Patrick are going to get together to look at writing these.

Website: David’s made a few updates to the website to display upcoming things for the next few days, distinguishing between formal events and practices/get-togethers etc.

Ildhafn list: This is migrating tomorrow. The archives won’t be migrating across, but these aren’t heavily accessed anyway.