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Council Meeting - 29th April 2012

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on May 1, 2012 - 8:45pm
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 Barony of Ildhafn Minutes, 29 April 2012

In Attendance: Angela Wells (Seneschal), Shannon Wanty (Reeve), Nicola Haliday (Marshal), Nadia Benton (A&S), Wendy Rowsell (Chatelaine)

Apologies: David Robb (Webwright), Patrick Bowman (Herald)

Absent: Everyone Else

Meeting Opened: 7.50pm


Received Online:  Reeve, Webwright, Herald

In Person:

A&S: People are doing stuff, nothing else to report. All regular activities are happening.

Marshal: No-one died, no injuries of note. Two shiny new cupboards have been bought to store gear at the CityDance studio. One has been put up. Nicola and Patrick would like some help putting the second one up. Council is happy to pay back the $122.96, and the receipt has been given to Shannon. This money is to come from the $1500 from the Auckland Museum payment.

Chatelaine: Ange said welcome. Wendy said that she went and collected most of the Gold Key stuff from Helen, there’s still a bit more which she’ll try and collect by next week. She’ll bring it to next week’s A&S Day for sorting. The aim is to put together some sets of garb, and sets of feast gear, put aside things for prizes or sale, and get rid of any superfluous stuff.

Upcoming Events:

Katherina & William’s Birthday Ball: The woman for hall bookings has stopped answering Patrick’s calls. He has some alternatives at the same price and will report to the Council later in the week.

The Bloth: Wendy has one booking but no payments. She’s emailing Shannon re payments to St George’s. Ange is going to organise a booking form and advertising for this.

General Business:

Archery Butts: Ange has tried talking to the man at Selwyn College. She got contact details from James Hoskings for someone called Andrew who she has been in contact with regarding our questions, but has not heard anything back. Since trying to contact him, she let James know what it was we needed to know and he is going to follow up on our behalf.


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