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Council Meeting Minutes - 25th of March 2012

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on March 25, 2012 - 12:00am
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March 25th 2012

In attendance: Angela Wells (Seneschal), Shannon Wanty (Reeve), Patrick Bowman (Herald), Nicola Haliday (Marshal), Nadia Benton (Deputy A&S Officer)

Apologies: David Robb (Webwright), Wendy Rowsell (Chatelaine)

Absent: Everyone Else

Meeting Opened: 7.45pm

Officer Reports:

Reeve (done via email)

Webwright (via email)

Herald: Nothing to report.

A&S: All is well. A&S Sunday, dancing, and fencing are both happening.

Marshall: No-one’s died. Fencing is ongoing, heavy is not in Ildhafn city. No news from Cluain but it looks like there’s heavy fighting happening down there. No authorisations. Archery happened at St Sebastian’s.

Past Events:

St Sebastian’s: Quite a few people went from Ildhafn city. It was a good event. Patrick won the A&S competition, yay him!

Upcoming Events:
May Birthday Ball: Patrick has received no bookings. Email Patrick to book. Hall TBC, but will be confirmed this week or changed.

The Bloth: Nothing from Wendy. Ange will follow up re bookings.

St Catherine’s Faire: Katherine said that there’s nothing to report.

General Business:

Archery Butts: Ange has received an email from Vanessa about these. Minas who used to be part of Ildhafn has asked if Selwyn College can borrow the archery butts for 36 children to do archery. They’re looking at doing this every Saturday or possibly Saturday & Sunday at the top field at Selwyn College. He was the person who originally donated the wood to build the butts with. Ange will need to get in contact with James about this. Patrick said that it would be better to talk directly to the school about storage. Shannon asked what happens in the event that we need to use them? Patrick suggested that perhaps we use the butts on the site if we want to. Ange is to ask about these things also. The Council is provisionally okay with lending them to the school, subject to checking where and how they will be stored, how long they will be lent for, what will happen if we need to use them for an event, and would we be able to use them on site and when.

Reimbursement for Reeve’s filing expenses:  Ange verified that Shannon’s receipts were correct for the amount that she is requesting reimbursement for. Ange/David/Patrick will arrange the reimbursement via our flash online banking, as soon as they sort out their password issues.

Chatelaine Gear: Helen has been told by her husband that this needs to leave her house by the 1st of May or it will go in the skip – so we need to go and collect it, and sort through it. If we get a shed to store Ildhafn gear, Wendy is happy to have this at her house but otherwise they wouldn’t have the space for it.

Meeting Closed: 8.06pm



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