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Wednesday (Longsword)

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on February 29, 2012 - 8:26pm

Class: A closer look at some of the techniques from Ringeck we've already seen.

Warmup: Start in right Ochs (left foot forwards).  Cut a Zornhau, Mittelhau (left to right) and Unterhau (right to left), each with a pass.  You should now be in left Ochs.  Cut a Zornhau (left to right), Mittelhau (right to left) and Unterhau (left to right).  You are now back where you started (in right Ochs).  Repeat.

A pattern: Zorn, wind into Ochs (as if your opponent had block your initial cut), then cut around with an Oberhau to the otherside.

Comments: The Zornhau and Wind both threaten the same opening - the top left - forcing an opponent to strongly defend it.  Cutting around swaps the attack to another opening - the top right.  Winding to Ochs threatens a thrust: if the opponent doesn't respond, stab them in the face.  Cutting around is a response to the opponent's parry: use their setting aside (absetzen) to start the cut.

Exercise: The passive responds to the Zorn with a counter cut (Zorn), responds to the Wind by also winding, prompting the cut around.  Practice with masks, make sure to be responding (not pre-empting) your partner's actions.

Alternative defence: Zwerchhau instead of Zornhau.  The Zwerch makes winding impracticable.  Zwerch to the other side as soon as the active takes their next move.

Wrenching to other side: Instead of winding into Ochs, push opponent's blade to other side with the strong of your sword, using the quillons to catch the blade.

Krumphau: relies on stepping wide (mostly sideways, just a bit forwards).  Can cut before the opponent, putting your sword under theirs, leading to a hanging guard.

Discussion of the parts of the fight: Zufechten (onset/pre-fencing), Handtarbeit (hand work), Abzug (withdrawel).

Zufechten: Cut/Thrust, Handtarbeit: Wind/Wrench/Twitch, Abzug: cut through the cross.



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