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What do I wear?

Serafina and AnnaEverybody who comes to a formal event must make an attempt to dress themselves in a Medieval style (though our weekly practices are usually done in modern clothes). That can be very simple, or very complicated : the choice is yours.Svartr

Since newcomers can hardly be expected to arrive with a closet full of Medieval clothing, the person who is in charge of hospitality (our Chatelaine, $CHATELAINE_SCA_NAME$, $CHATELAINE_EMAIL$) runs a service called "Gold Key", from which you may borrow clothing. A common term for what we wear in the SCA is "garb". For the newcomer, garb can be as simple as a tunic, a pair of trousers (plain-coloured cotton trousers or track-pants are good) a belt and some comfortable shoes.

There are lots of people willing and able to help make clothes: turn up to Arts and Sciences Sunday or ask the Arts and Sciences Officer ($ARTS_SCA_NAME$, $ARTS_EMAIL$).