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Council Minutes for the 18th of December 2011

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on December 19, 2011 - 8:53pm
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 Ildhafn Council Meeting Minutes December 2011


In attendance: Angela Wells (Seneschal), Chantelle Gerrard (A&S), Patrick Bowman (Herald), Nicola Haliday (Marshall), Matt and Katherine.

Absent (apologies): Philip Mason (Constable), Shannon Wanty (Reeve), David Robb (Webwright).

Meeting opened: 8pm

Reports given online:

A&S: Arts and Sciences are still happening and evolving with people exploring their different interests in all the areas that they can imagine. We have had some recent additions to the group that have shown interest in making their first garb etc and they were welcomed with open arms by those on Sunday sewing and on the list.

Regular A&S meetings:

- Dancing, Thursday evenings, split between beginner's and by invitation.

- Sewing, Sunday afternoons, also room for "Shed"-type projects.

- Just passed by council A and S first Sunday of the month to be made a 'big' event, with shared food and the emphasis on people attending this one if no others.

Reeve: (edited as Seneschal made a mistake in pasting in the wrong report) 

I haven't done anything with the accounts this month. I'll sort them out (get old statements from National, close that account, and move everything to our Kiwibank account) when I'm on holiday over Christmas.

I have a cheque from SCANZ for $6 which is our reimbursement for taxes.

Please forward me any receipts relating to St Cath's.

Patrick, your bid looks fine and I am happy for the payment to go through as a donation.

National Bank Current account is at $4241.48
National Bank Savings account is at $1010.99


Herald: Blue Lymphad has nothing to report. It has been very quiet on the Heraldic front.

Marshal: Heavy:
Attempts to get heavy up and going in Ildhafn have fallen over again, not giving up at this point but given that no has recently approached me to go 'I want to do heavy' I'm not going to whip a dead horse unless someone shows actual interest.

Heavy in Cluain is much stronger. They have another new fighter currently getting gear together.

Recently there was a small tournament at the Labour weekend event in which 4 heavies took the field.

no injuries, Sir Inigo was reauthorised.

Numbers have dipped a bit, we have lost all of the uni students over winter, it appears that they just faded into the mist.
Rapier practice has been regular and ongoing despite limited numbers.
We haven't had any tournaments in the last quarter due to limited numbers but we are looking at running more regular tournaments in the hope of getting more authorised marshals, the next one is in early December.

No Injuries, no other recent authorisations.

Overall we appear to be going through a bit of a lull, I think it was winter as all of the people who faded away were young people, new to the group who didn't drive - given our rapier practice is in the evening I know if affected the ability for some people to get along, other commitments also added to the limited numbers turning up.

Constable: Short Constable report:
1) Was not able to attend St Catherine's Faire - due to funeral in Kerikeri & Early Christmas with family.

No reports of lost items received from the event though

2) Found - Blue Lymphad court tabard in wardrobe - will aim to return it sometime soon. Apologies, forgot I still had it after St John's

3) No interest notified to me from anyone wanting to succeed as the new Constable in January - expect the position will go into abeyance for a while. The (small) lost property bag & Constable's cudgel can live in my garage happily enough in the meanwhile

Webwright: Everything is going well.  People are using the website, and using Drupal allows members to update and change the website, and the webminister only needs to keep an editorial eye on things and to add the occasional new feature


Past Events:

St Catherine’s Picnic: Weather was okay, picnic was nice.  The Baronial Rapier Tournament was held, and Don William has retained his title as Baronial Rapier Champion.  Riding happened as Lady Isabel was kind enough to allow one of her ponies to be ridden.  People worked on handcrafts at the event.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the picnic.

Upcoming Events:

William and Katherina’s Birthday Ball:  To pay the GST instead of a “donation” I Angela Wells proposed that the group pick up the $15 to pay the GST.  This was voted and passed by the committee that attended the meeting. The decision made for the group to pay the $15 for the GST is due to liability and being covered for it.

So subject site pending, this event has been approved to go ahead.  Katherine has asked to advertise the event through the Ruritanian Society newsletter.    

Those at the meeting agreed that this should be fine.

Summer Nights at the Museum:  Nicola will contact the Council to find out information about a permit or permission.  If not we will need to go back to the Museum to ask them exactly what they require. Need to clarify what they mean by liability.  Health and Safety, we have combat and equipment safety standards.  We have processes to ensure that people comply with our standards.  So Nicola will continue the relationship and communication in regards to this potential demonstration.  I think that this demonstration conversation will go to the list for further discussion.  Need to discuss this with the police about the sharps, cutting demonstration.

Show and tell portion having an idea of what the museum has in their collection and how we can tie it in with our knowledge to further the information that we would be imparting to the public.

So Nicola will take lead in working on all of this with the museum.

General Business:

Guidelines: Angela only came up with one at this point in time which is quorum. Quorum is met by having the Seneschal plus 3 other officers. Patrick and Angela will sit down sometime between now and Christmas to discuss and come up with further guidelines for the group.

Group day: First Sunday of the month will be a big group day, and it should distinguish itself from the other Sundays. 

·        Allsorts Sunday is the current name/place holder.

However the suggestion that has come through to call it Arts & Sciences Sunday. Those at the meeting discussed this and would like it to be suggested to Al and Mel.  This suggestion will be presented to Al and Mel if they are okay with this then the name change will go ahead.  If not it will remain as Allsorts Sunday.  It was also discussed that Matt and Chantelle would like to open their home if at any time Al and Mel are unable to host the Sunday get together.  It was suggested that Chantelle get in touch with Al and Mel about this, as council is okay with this happening.

Museum demo: It was suggested by Nicola that the funds gained from the demo to be used towards loaner rapier gear and a new list field.  Those at the meeting thought that this is a good idea.  This is a good incentive for the group to participate and for those that will be doing the majority of the work to receive direct benefits from it. All those that were attending the meeting agreed that this would be good.  Nicola has suggested if the demo goes ahead then this discussion should be brought up again to further the discussion of how the funds should be spent.

Quartermaster:  Katherine has some heavy cotton drill (that belongs to the group) to be used as tablecloths, to instead for it to be used to make up loaner fencing doublets.  Those at the meeting agreed that this too is a good idea.  Further discussions on how these will be made will continue at a later date.

A&S: Chantelle is thinking of a “secret santa” A&S project idea (in name only).  Where you create a favour or do a project that can be given to someone. It could be a lucky dip draw a name type scenario, or directly approach to ask to be able to make it for that person (if there is project for someone you want to/need impetus to do for someone). To not only encourage the arts and sciences side to our group…In whatever form (new fibre glass rapier for someone who cannot afford a real one yet, bobbin lace for a garment, a new hat, cookies…anything), but to also grow and exemplify the ‘giving’, ‘chivalrous’ and kind nature that we show to each other in the group and in our daily lives. Time frame was suggested at 6 months…but Katherine suggested it could wrap up at the next St Catherine’s. ‘Secret santa’ type fun could be had sending anonymous hints etc during the timeframe to make it more fun. The favoured idea is telling Chantelle who you want to give your present to and that it is not limited to the barony but just to anyone who has been inspiring/helped you etc that you want to give back to to encourage or ‘pay it forward to’…


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