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Event report: St Catherine's

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on December 11, 2011 - 5:27pm

We had a lovely picnic, in spite of the windy weather.

It was a great pleasure to have the company of many gentles from Cluain - we know it's a long drive for a short event! - and indeed of some from Ildhafn city whom we've not been able to see as much of as we'd like through the year.

Ella's photos

Thanks to William and Catalina, Their Excellencies Rudiger and Aleynora, and Geoffrey and Jin for providing shade and a wind-break their tents; and many thanks of course to Lady Isabel for allowing us once again to hold an event in her paddocks.


There were five contestants in the Baronial Rapier Championship tournament: Lady Eleanor Hall, Lord Ludwig von Regensburg, Don Martuccio Lorenzo Cavalcanti de Medici, Don Emrys Twdr and Don William de Cameron. All fought well - and Don Martuccio was within a whisker of making himself Rapier Champion of two Baronies at once - but Don William de Cameron was the victor, and is Ildhafn's Fencing Champion for another year.

It was lovely to see the fencers experiment with a range of period styles: I think I spotted elements (or whole bouts) of Capo Ferro, Thibault, and Manciolino, as well as the Meyer that is the current local favourite.


Lady Isabel was kind enough to allow pony rides to children and adults alike, to the delight of many, and ably assisted by Tammy.

Arts and Sciences

People were working on a range of projects, including bobbin-lace, braided cord for mouse-gard pouches, music, leatherwork and more.


The food was plentiful, varied, and very tasty. It was too windy for an open fire to be safe, so unfortunately we were limited to that which could be eaten cold. Nevertheless, we had more than we could eat. Would anyone care to post a recipe or three?

Don William's Turkish coffee was as popular as ever.