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Council Meeting Minutes for October 2011

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on November 6, 2011 - 9:06pm
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Ildhafn Council Meeting Minutes November
In Attendance: Angela Wells (Seneschal), Shannon Wanty (Reeve), Nicola Haliday (Marshal), Patrick Bowman (Herald), Phil Mason (Constable), David Robb (Webwright), Chantelle Gerrard (A&S), Matt (not Emrys), Jessica Robb (Baby of Cuteness)
Absent: None
Meeting Opened: 7.50pm
Reports Given online
A&S: Chantelle is now officially the A&S officer for Ildhafn, I just need to hand all the stuff over to her. From next month she will be completely responsible for anything A&S.
The final display opportunity for the Baronial Championship this year needs to be finalised with Ed, it may be at St Cath's.
Apart from this, not much to report
Reeves: In addition, for the month of October, there has been some financial activity, including the receipt of payment from the Museum Demo.
Our bank account balances are now as follows:
Current Account - $4241.48
Savings Account - $1010.31
Current Account $1312 - this includes all the cash payments from St Cayetano's which Ange deposited.
If Council is happy with it, I can now look at closing the National bank account, as soon as I have got all copies of statements from them.
They're being a bit difficult about this, as it was them that just decided to stop sending us statements one day, and they haven't started sending them again even though I've followed up twice. Currently they want to charge us $5 per "duplicate" statement for what is at least 20 statements. I'm going to have an argument with them along the lines of it's their fault and they're not really duplicate statements if we never got them in the first place. If they're still refusing to cooperate I'll print them all myself, I'd just rather not waste the time. They will be getting a nicely worded letter from me when we close the account.
Reports Given in Person
Herald: Some Baronial awards were given out at the Braithwayte’s. Patrick’s still got to updated on the website – Shannon thinks this is already up to date. Eleanor Hall & Mark Plymouth (the archer) became members of the Militia, Ludwig von Regensburg, Katherina Weyssin, and Brian de Caffa were given Guildsmen awards.
Constable: Nothing to report. No email on the Constable list for the last 5-6 months. Phil thinks this might be a good role for someone new to get into.
Webwright: People continue to update the website. This is good. Chantelle asked how we get to do this. David will give her a login.
Upcoming Events:
St Catherine’s Picnic: 10th December at Vanessa’s paddocks.Ange Chantelle has emailed Auckland Sword & Shield and suggested that they come. She has also advertised this to NAAMA. Chantelle said people tend to like the idea of coming to a garbed picnic, so hopefully this will bode well. Karen’s said she’ll bring someone along. Suggestion at previous Council meeting was that we purchase some stuff for the picnic. Ange would like up to $50 to spend on equipment etc for games, this was approved.
Patrick suggested that if we have a lot of people coming from the steel weapons groups etc potentially organising some way for them to fight. David as Earl Marshal says as an SCA event then we can do SCA fighting or training only. Shannon thought this might be a good opportunity for them to come along and hang out and get to know us.
Collegium: Chantelle is looking at organising an A&S Collegium, possibly in March. St Sebastian’s is often run in March, but Chantelle is happy to work in with this schedule. The idea is not to have it too close to Canterbury Faire, or to her going away in April. She is thinking along the lines of having an event open to everyone that is run by the SCA, focused on costuming. She’d like it to be run over the weekend as a camping/on site event with resources & classes, either a pot luck dinner or a feast if someone is interested in cooking it. Perhaps offering some fighting alongside it so that there is something else for people to work on. Chantelle will organise an event bid to present to Council in the next couple of month.
General Business:
Group guidelines: Still to be done. Ange would like to sit down with Patrick after the SCANZ AGM to go through this. Things like, how many people do we need to run a Council meeting? Who makes up the Financial Committee? Etcetc. If anyone has any suggestions, email this through to the Coucil list for discussion.
Monthly Big Day A&S & rapier etc: Several people have floated the possibility of trying to focus on one of these a month, to make it a bit more special and encourage people to definitely show up to it. Al & Mel have said that as part of this they’d be happy to go a bit later to have dinner or whatever. They don’t want to alter the general cycle of sewing, but have one stand out. Ange asked if it would be a Hastilude-like thing. Patrick thought yes, similar but unnamed and ungarbed. They were thinking of potentially the first Sunday of the month – this has the virtue of being memorable. It can always be readvertised as being a different Sunday on those months such as over Christmas, or when everyone is away. So the first one would be in December. If tourneys were being run as part of this, then those would be arbed, but not the craft day side of things. The main aim is to get people together and feeling comfortable, and especially to encourage newcomers to come along to. Council decided that the first Sunday seems good, changing it occasionally to the second Sunday (and advertising this) as needed. Everyone generally thinks this is a good idea.
Museum Community Meeting: Tuesday 22nd November. Ange is going to get in touch with Jo about this ASAP, and confirm that we can still go. Nicola, Shannon and Chantelle will go along.
Upcoming Events: Any of those thinking that they would like to run an event in the future, please consider it. Shannon is keen to cook a feast some time in May or June.
Quarterly Reports: These are due on the 15th of the month.
Next Council Meeting: Council decided to skip the November meeting in favour of a meeting on the 18th of December. This was agreed on by all. Shannon put in her apologies.
Council Meeting closed: 8.19pm

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