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Tablet Weaving -Pattern 85 from Anna Neuper's Modelbuch

Submitted by Eleanor Hall on October 13, 2011 - 11:25pm

Early experiments in brocaded tablet weaving:

Pattern 85 from  Anna Neuper's Modelbuch.

9 tablets, 20 row repeat.

about 1.5 hours of weaving, I was on a voice call to someone so I was working fairly slowly.



Here you can get an idea of the pattern as it came out and the pattern as given in the book.


This gives you an idea of scale - it's a very thin band.


Overall I'm ok with how it is weaving, my warp thread is still too thick compared with the weft thread and the weaving is a little loose in the middle. 

I think I needed a finer thread for the warp and I will look into silk options.

I may look into getting a heavier thread for the brocade weft so that there are less obvious gaps between the lines.


Practice makes perfect.. well I need many more hours of practice until I'm anywhere near good but at least I can see an improvement.

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