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Wednesday (Meyer)

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on October 12, 2011 - 12:00am

A brief review of basics of Meyer's rappier: stance, footwork, some basic attacks and defences.

Reviewed Meyer's six cuts example (from dusack): Zornhau right, Mittelhau left, Unterhau right, Unterhau left, Mittelhau right, Scheitelhau.

Reviewed Meyer's first cutting drill for dusack (at least as I remembered it): start with left foot forward in Oberhut, pass with cut into Langort; drop the point, lift the hand, gather the foot and cut again to Langort; and again - three cuts in all.  BTW: there was some discussion over the mechanics of this cut from (roughly) Ochs.  The technique I advocated was primarily a rotation of the radius-ulnar, so the point describes a circle in a plane parallel to the body (rather than orthogonal to it, which would be a much bigger cut).  Of course, the wrist, elbow and shoulder can all be employed to make the cut bigger and more powerful if desired.  Re-reading Meyer, this doesn't seem to be the technique described.  Meyer seems to be motivated not by training to put rapid cuts together, but to convert the cut into a parry (more or less).

Meyer's Neck Cut (Halsshauw): Against a thrust or cut, strike with your inside flat down on the strong of his blade with a corresponding step to his side (away from his weapon); step again, cutting his neck with your long edge.   This worked very well, but it was a bit marginal against a cut to the outside, at least in the case of sharp swords (the opponent's sword tends to wind up on you hamstrings).


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