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Council Minutes - 31st July 2011

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on July 31, 2011 - 9:03pm
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 Ildhafn Council Meeting Minutes July 2011


In Attendance: Angela Wells (Seneschal), Patrick Bowman (Herald) Shannon Wanty (A&S)


Via Skype: Meghann Exley (Cluain Seneschal), Roger Winn (Baron), Liz Winn (Baroness)


Apologies: Phil Mason (Constable), Nicola Haliday (Marshal), David Robb (Webwright)


Meeting Opened: 7.39pm


Reports Given in Person:


Herald: The only thing to report is that there was some business conducted at St John’s, he’ll chase up Benedict for a full report.


Past Events:


St Cayetano’s: Ange hasn’t done the report for this yet. She’ll get this done in the next week and forward it through to the Council list. Patrick gave food receipts to Ange, he would like reimbursement asap. Shannon will forward through the online payments to Ange. It looks like it will break even or make a very small profit – a lot of people cancelled or just didn’t show on the day and were paying cash.


Ange can see this potentially becoming an annual event as it’s easy to organise, easy to run, good for newcomers to attend and good for first time stewards to run.


Museum Demo: We may get some enquiries but probably not heaps. Positive experience for everyone overall, with good feedback from those that took part. Good feedback from the public and from the Museum. Patrick comments that we were well paid for this, so picking up anyone is a bonus. Shannon commented that we’ve got some good photos and potentially also good video footage that we can load onto the website – the Museum has already given us a disc with the photos on and will also send through a copy of the video footage. Ange will write an invoice for the event. She’ll also get receipts off Vanessa, compile the food expenses and send these through to the Council online to follow up.


Upcoming Events: None as yet. Some would be nice. Chantelle still wants to run a costuming collegium, Kotek wants to run a rapier/heavy tournament, Vanessa may still be keen to organise a collegium too. Patrick wondered about the Horticultural Centre for something at Twelfth Night/Christmas to have an outdoor tourney/feast with option for inside if it’s wet. St Cath’s may end up being similar to last year. Cluain has something in the pipeline for December also. Ange will forward through something to the lists reminding people about bids for St Cath’s (and other events generally) tonight.

Labour Weekend: Ed’s organising an event for this weekend, he’s going to look at putting together a bid to go before Cluain Council soon.


General Business:


Mishmash Demo in Cluain: Meghann will forward through video footage of this to Ange.


Stewarding/Financial Info: Shannon will put this all online in the next fortnight. She’ll point people at it to get feedback on that.


Establishing some guidelines/rules for the club: Ange put this up on the KOS list and has only gotten a response from one person. Not many groups have got anything written down. Most of them have general job descriptions of what the roles entail, but not info about how it’s run, what the Council is for, the role of the financial committee etc. Ange will work through this and get something done in the next week or two – there’s just a lot that doesn’t work for the way that we work. Patrick commented that there’s still a lot of folklore floating around about tradition, so it would be worth talking to David or Wendy about it.


Chatelaine: Ange has had two people step forward for it. One is Nicola, who is currently also our Marshal. She obviously already does a lot of Chatelaine work through her involvement in rapier. The other applicant was Wendy, Ange will get her to send through a typed copy of her application which she will forward through with her commentary. Karen is quite interested in the role but is still fairly new, so is keen to look at being involved as a deputy potentially.


A&S: Shannon will check in with our potential applicants and advertise this month.


Books for Library: Shannon hasn’t done anything here, she’ll do that this month.


Reeve’s Report: Patrick had two questions. Destruction of old records? Over seven years. Most recent Quarter recorded a loss for Royal Visit, is this because of the way it’s set out? Yes, profit was recorded in previous quarter.


Council List: Liz would like to be included on this. She’ll forward through her email details.


Quarterly Reports: These are due on August 15th.



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