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Council Minutes for the 26th of June 2011

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on June 29, 2011 - 7:10pm
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 Ildhafn Council Meeting Minutes June 2011


In Attendance: Angela Wells (Seneschal), Shannon Wanty (A&S), Phil Mason (Constable), Patrick Bowman (Herald), Nicola Haliday (Marshal)


Via Skype:


Apologies: David Robb (Chronicler),


Absent: Roger Win & Liz (Baron & Baroness)



Meeting Opened: 7.52pm


Reports Given online


A&S  Nothing to report, all is well.


Reeve - Have gotten all the Reeve stuff from Vanessa, but haven't had a really good look at it yet - that's on this weekend's to do list, I should have done this before the Council meeting.

I'm also going to sit down this weekend and hopefully resolve the end of year financials, as these really need to be completed asap.

We're still paying tax, which we shouldn't be. I need to resolve this asap too.

There's a bunch of items I've added to the agenda for discussion tomorrow. 

Changing signatories: This needs to happen in the very near future, as Katherine & Vanessa need to be removed and replaced as signatories.

Setting up internet banking: Once I've sorted out the end of year financials, I'm going to sort this out. We can actually get internet banking going, with dual signatories - I just need to check out the cost and whether we can remain with National or would need to swap to Kiwibank. I'll present all the info to Council once I have it, I'd like to hold off swapping signatories until we've swapped banks if we're doing this.

Budget for stationery: I nominally put forward for a maximum of $60 to be spent on stationery. I have no idea what things currently cost, and I haven't sat down yet to figure out what we actually need to keep the accounts in good order. As part of this budget I'd like to invest in a pen drive so I can scan documents and use this as a back up of our financial information, which I'm supposed to do, and store this somewhere that's not at my house (otherwise it would defeat the purpose, in the event of a fire or some such).

Destruction of old records: We have financial records dating back to 1994. We only need to keep them for seven years, so I'd like to destroy all the records prior to 1st April 2004. We could scan the previous year or two first if Council thinks that's necessary. I'd put all the documents to be destroyed in the secure bin at work.

Cash box: We don't have one. We probably should have one. We have a very nice wooden box, the purpose of which is apparently to take up space and hold random receipts and bits of information that haven't been filed elsewhere. David suggested seeing if we can get a lock installed on it and using this as a cash box if it won't be too expensive. I have contacted Allessandra (sp?) about getting in touch with Grimr but haven't heard back - will try again via Facebook.

Marshal - All is going well, heavy in Cluain appears to be happening often (when the weather allows) as does archery.


Rapier in Ildhafn is ongoing and is still collecting new people.. now we just have to convince them to turn up for two weeks in a row.. not just every third (it's almost like the roster to be away at different weeks)

Webminister - The website continues to be an active source of newcomers, or so I'm told. Thank you to all those who are updating the content, your efforts are producing results.

May's visitor numbers were notably higher than June's have been, but we're still seeing 700-1000 visits/month, with higher numbers after major events. The gallery is the biggest drawcard for return visits from regulars, event notifications and details are popular with both regulars and newcomers. Newcomers seem primarily interested in our regular dance and rapier practices.


Reports Given in Person


Constable: Started taking photos of lost property and started putting together a blurb for this for David to put online.


Herald: Nothing to report.


Past Events:


Royal Visit: As per email.


History Night: Ten people, which was the budget. Patrick has $30 which he has passed to Shannon. He has the receipt for the room hire. He also needs a cheque for $10 for the Kingdom Levy. Phil suggested getting some of the topics online as discussions or presentations of what people are doing. Shannon’s doing a write up to go on her website that she’ll link to, Patrick’s going to write something up at some point. Patrick’s keen to organise another one when he has two people.


Upcoming Events:


St Cayetano’s: Nicola says please book! We have seven bookings. She’s still waiting to hear back from the Horticultural Centre, she’s going to contact them this week.


Museum Demo: Ange has been in contact. They sent through their idea of a schedule for this. Need to work out who will be there and what we’ll do. Definitely a rapier demo, including allowing people to get up and do some drills or trying positions. Ending with a dance demo. Stuff in between. Ange has asked Al about doing some shoe making, he’s happy to do that but Ange will confirm this. Patrick asked how long they want us for – it’s only for three hours, so schedule should go quite quickly. Rapier demo: Patrick, David, Matty potentially, maybe Iuliana as an authorised marshal. They can definitely fill half an hour. Ange & Shannon dressing an Elizabethan lady. Someone to man a station with drinks like secunjamen and fennel drink, maybe some nibbles (not hot things) – maybe Kotek? Shannon says do we need to establish a budget. Ange suggests $50 total. Everyone’s happy with that. Patrick asked if we need health & safety permits. Ange has asked about this and they haven’t commented, she’s going to double check this. Who will prepare food? Ange will do drinks, Shannon’s happy to prepare some food. Phil asks if we need to budget for advertising material, pamphlets or whatever. Ange says we need more business cards, we have some fliers. Ange thinks it was about $20 to print fliers last time. Ange suggests budgeting $100 in total for the event, everyone’s happy with that. Karen is keen to do tablet weaving. Nicola’s happy to set some up as a hands-on example for people to try. Shannon’s happy to do some fingerloop weaving with people. Vanessa was interested in talking about book binding potentially – Ange will ask her about this. Phil might be able to bring some maps along (or send them along) for people to look at – he may be able to hang around for about an hour. Can’t confirm so will say he can’t come but will send resources. Chantelle would be interested in coming along to talk to people. New Vanessa as an extra able body – she may be able to bring some nalbinding, or join in the tablet weaving with Karen. Nicola suggested Ermaine & Peregrin, Shannon says as long as they don’t feel too pressured about coming along. Nicola will contact them. Ange will contact Vanessa, Chantelle, Matt, Kotek, Iuliana and Vanessa, Shannon will contact Karen. She needs numbers by Wednesday.


Voice Heralding evening: Ange wondered if this was something that Phil would be interested in doing again one evening. Didn’t have many available at the Royal Visit. Phil is going to teach some of this at St John’s. Ange and Chantelle are interested in learning it.


Advertise bids wanted for St Catherine’s Faire or some other end of year event Ange will do this.


Any other events in the pipeline? Possibly another history night. Shannon was talking to Chantelle who is still keen to organise a costuming collegium pending wellness, but realistically is looking at the end of the year now. She’s keen to have a feast as part of this. Patrick and Phil suggest that this could be developed into an event for St Cath’s if there aren’t any other bids. Phil also suggested maybe labour weekend would be good for this. Vanessa is still interested in organising an A&S Collegium, so Shannon will talk to her about this – probably for September realistically.


A follow up event to the Museum demo would be good. Shannon suggested maybe the Collegium with a feast/dinner would be a good sort of event. Start at maybe 2pm, finish at 9pm. Shannon will talk to Vanessa. As long as it’s not a case of being there for entertainment – they are expected to be involved. Phil suggests not having everything locked in by the time of the museum demo, just tell them to keep an eye out on the website, and also take details to get in touch with them about a follow up event.


General Business:



Establishing some guidelines/rules for the club: e.g. How many council members is required to meet quorum? 

Who should do this?  Should it be put in the council minutes and up on the group’s website? When should this be done by?

Ange can have a look over the next month. Phil suggests posting this info on the website with the Council meeting. Quorum, financial committee numbers. Role of Council and Financial Committee, number of officers, deputies. Traditionally we need four people to make up a quorum for Council. The Financial Committee is made up of five people so that decisions can be made outside of Council. Ange is going to look at this all and write a draft which she will send out to the Council list and ask for feedback and additions. We will rediscuss and finalise at the next Council meeting, so that this information can be posted on the website.


Chatelaine: The application process closed on the 24th of June – no applications.  Will re-advertise. Nicola has suggested she would be happy to work in this capacity as unofficial interim chatelaine as most of the newcomers are coming through rapier and she’s already acting in this role. Ange will ask the Chatelaine email to redirect to Seneschal until Nicola returns in September. Ange will continue to do the reports. Nicola will forward through her current info.


A&S business: Check with Al and Mel if they are happy to have Sewing Sunday advertised more regularly on the list and website. Shannon will do this.


Reeve business: Changing signatories.  Who is on, who should be taken off, and who should replace?

Current signatories:

David Robb

Katherine Davies

Vanessa Atkins

Matt Mole


Changing to:

Shannon Wanty

Angela Wells

Patrick Bowman

David Robb as back up signatory


Shannon doesn’t want to change them until we’ve sorted out the banks.


Internet banking?

Changing from National Bank to Kiwi bank?


Shannon will look at further this week and look at probably changing to Kiwi Bank.


Destruction of Old accounts?


Everyone says yes.


Purchase of cash box?  Find out the cost of a replacement key for David’s cash box?


Ange has the cash box. It needs a key. Council is happy to approve the purchase of a key. If we can get a key for less than the box, get a key. Otherwise a new box. Everyone says if it’s less than $50 buy a new one. If it fits in the wooden box then good.


Budget – Stationery for Reeve. $60


Shannon would like this to sort out the Reeve files as it all looks a bit higgledy-piggledy. Shannon thinks it should come in under this – probably only about $30. Ange says if it looks like it will come to more than the $60 Shannon is to come back to Council first.


Marshal business: Who should be authorised marshals in Heavy fighting, Rapier and Archery? What can we do to boost the numbers of marshals in the Barony?  Organise a marshal weekend? Get someone from another group to come and visit?


Phil thinks that anyone who has been fighting for more than a year should look at authorising. Nicola commented that to get to be a marshal, you need to be a marshal-in-training and get experience at events marshalling. Patrick suggests talking to David about this. A lot of the marshallate stuff is going to change over the next couple of months. Patrick suggests talking to David about establishing a process for this. Since marshalling stuff is changing anyway, we can volunteer to be a test run group for proposed changes.


Getting someone external will reduce the burden on David. Could be a good break for someone from Chch.


First thing is to talk to David and establish a process (for each area of fighting), second is to tee up someone to go through the process with people.


Books for Library: If we’re going to start getting a few newcomers, getting some copies of the Knowne Worlde Handbook (David suggested three copies), and a few Compleat Anachronists, so that we have something useable that we can pass out to newbies to look at. Nicola suggested a links section, but the problem is updating this. Ange suggests getting one Knowne Worlde Handbook, and five Compleat Anachronists to see what they’re like and how many newcomers we’re getting that are able to use stuff. Everyone’s happy with this. Shannon will do some investigation to find good ones to purchase, and check what’s already in the library. Can review purchasing a few more later.


Gold Key: We don’t use this and it’s not good stuff. People generally are clothed from people’s personal stuff not from loaner garb. The fabric’s not good, it’s not suitable sizes, it’s not in good condition. Everyone agreed to get rid of it and continue with the practice of clothing people from personal supplies.



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