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Wednesday (Meyer)

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on June 15, 2011 - 12:00am

Class: A few manoeuvers from Meyer

Warm-up:  Footwork, Meyer's 1st cutting drill for Dussack

Cutting drill: Start with left foot forward, in Oberhut.  Cut with pass into Langort, lift hilt into Ochs with gathering step and cut again, and again.  Thus three cuts, stepping with each, the first delivered with a passing step.  Then cut stepping backwards, landing the cut with the back (left) foot.

I was inspired to practice cutting while stepping back on the left foot by a recent Manciolino class.

Lunge practice:  In particular, worked on lifting the toes ala classical fencing.

Doppelstich:  Revisited this as it hasn't been quite right.  Stepping into, rather than away from the opponent is important.  Nicola suggested finishing the thrust in second, which does indeed do a much better job of closing the line.

Dempffhauw:  Started by practicing Zornhau and showing how it can be countered by another Zorn (simplest demonstration of Meyer's suppressing cut I could think of).  Then Meyer's example of suppressing from Alber with a double step.

Abscheiden:  Defence where instead of staying on top of the opponent's weapon, it is pushed away "in the manner of a slice".  Demonstrated how power is obtained by maintaining contact with the blade through the slice, then attempted it both using Meyer's example (a bit tricky to make it work) and the case of cutting from Ochs -- parry opponent's attack by cutting from Alber to Ochs, threaten thrust from Ochs, but finish by cutting back to Alber (we've all found slicing off to come rather naturally from that cut).

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