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Wednesday (Meyer)

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on June 8, 2011 - 12:00am

Class: Basic Meyer Rapier

Warm up: Footwork and cutting drills

Cutting drill 1: Oberhau B-F followed by Oberhau H-D, each following smoothly from the other with appropriate stepping.

Cutting drill 2: Oberhau B-F then Unterhau F-B (ending in Ochs on right), transition to Oberhut on left by thrusting, dropping the tip and letting it fall down to the left side and up for the stroke, Oberhau H-D, Unterhau D-H etc.  Smoothly join cuts together with appropriate stepping.

Suppressing cut (Dempffhauw): Start in Alber on right.  As opponent lifts hand for an Oberhau, lift own hand and double step out to the right cutting into the opponent's Sterk.  Note on the double: three steps, right - gather left - right, with the cut occuring on the final right step.

Reversed thrust (Verkehrter Stich): Thrust to the high inside line, when opponent parries convert to thrust to the low outside line.

Doppel Stich: Thrust at the face, when opponent lifts hilt to parry, send point over their blade converting a rising thrust to a decending thrust.  Note: this one is still not working right.  I now think that stepping away from the opponent's blade during the final thrust is a mistake.  Will try this again next week.

Exercise: A experiments with attacks on B.  B defends and may counter-attack, but may not initiate any attacks.  This is intended to provide A with some of the experience of free sparring, but also works B's ability to spot attacks and feints.

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