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Wednesday (Meyer)

Submitted by Eleanor Hall on May 18, 2011 - 5:06pm

It was a small gathering this week.

Lord Sebastian has recently joined us from Thamesreach and although his gear is still in transit from far off places he came long and was introduced to Meyer's rapier style.

Footwork and basic positions were covered and we ran through the basic basic attacks and defences, though high, low and medium variations of each and then went through an exercise that Eleanor and William had been reviewing the previous week.


I'm sure Ludwig will come through and add more technical details to this post as I cannot remember any more of the details.

Addendum (Ludwig):

We re-visited the example from the start of part 2 of Meyer's rappier treatise, where one fencer presents openings in high or low guard to trigger predictable attacks and their counters. (Starting in Ochs on the right, cut diagonally to Alber, back to Ochs, thrust and cut; from Alber on right cut diagonally to Ochs, back to Alber, back to Ochs, thrust and cut).  Revisit of the text suggested slightly different reconstruction to last time.  I have a further revised reconstruction to try out at next practice.

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