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Sewing Sunday

Submitted by Eleanor Hall on May 23, 2011 - 5:01pm
Sewing went well on Sunday and was very productive for all those who attending.
Eleanor turned up with a pile of material and an idea of what she wanted. Caterine measured her up, drafted and then fit a pattern for a late 16th century waist coat which Eleanor then started to put together.
Anna was helping her nephew sew his trash -treasure style challenge for school as she finished off her drawers; then she also had help from Caterine in drafting and fitting a pattern, this time for a corset.
Catalina also took advantage of Caterine’s drafting and fitting skills and now has a pattern for an under dress based on one of Eleanor of Toledo’s burial garment.
Caterine then suited up in her under garments (Corset, farthingale and newly made bumroll) to measure her skirt for her gown.

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