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On the Service of Dancing

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on May 3, 2011 - 8:40pm

Written in honour of the admission of Mistress Katherina to the Order of the Pelican by Ludwig von Regensburg, proudest of husbands.

On the Service of Dancing

Terpsichore has hold over all men,

for there are no people so crude and

unrefined they are not greatly moved

by sweet melody.

Dancing would captivate Cato,

make Diana bow to her followers,

and make Scipio quit his noble enterprise.

The virtuous dance is an Art and a Science,

both natural and arteficial.

Just as The Philosopher urges us to seek the Golden Mean,

for the dancer who avoids extremes

this refined art has natural goodness.

Harmony of music and motion

reflects the harmony of the soul.

The eagle's wings do not make it as agile.


The virtuoous dancer serves his partner

through subtle leadership and graceful manner,

his audience through his beautiful appearance and

diverting movement,

his people by the example of his moderation and judgment.

The dancer must know when to be still as stone, as if seeing Medusa;

and when to sweep like a falcon.

To act or not is Prudence,

and glory of glories be to the one

who studies Virtue and Prudence.


As the dancer exhibits memoria,

he know how to treat everyone he encounters.

As the dancer movers according his alloted space,

never violating its boundaries nor imposing on others,

he acts with discretion and discernment.

As the dancer performs with aire,

all he encounters are elevated.


Let the masters of trivia and the foot stompers be silent,

for only this manner is noble.

By perfection of Nature and application of Science

the dancer becomes a model.

This is the one who will extend our race to the Heavens:

Terpsichore grown wings.