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Random reconstructions

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on March 31, 2011 - 12:25am
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A somewhat constrained session, because Katherina forgot a piece of equipment, so we had only the music William had on him.

As only the advanced dance group was present, we didn't distinguish the sessions especially.

We warmed up with Amoroso, and lacking any newer dances, La Figlia de Guglielmino. Then worked through mk.II of Anna's class on Cesarina, as practice for Festival.

We practiced galliards a little more, to the Volta music on Celeste Giglio - fun, pretty, but not the easiest.

Finally, we attempted a reconstrucion of Bassa Toscana, as we had music (again, from Celeste Giglio). A quick skim of the text suggested it was a simple, easy, regular Bassa; walking through presented no difficulties. However, fitting the dance to the music is not trivial: danced at the "normal" pace, with the customary relationships between lengths of steps, not one of the verses fits the music.

None of us found a consistently pleasing solution, but it was an interesting (if unintended) exercise in the difficulties of reconstruction. Next week we shall look at Dorothea Wortelboer's solutions.


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