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Wednesday 16th of March

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on March 16, 2011 - 11:03am

Lesson plan: Beginning rapier based on Meyer interspersed with discussions of fencing theory.  Development of multi-part attack and response drills, starting well out of measure, should appeal to non-beginners.

Started with the usual footwork practice.

Brief review of Meyer's lunge (to the body) and parry.

Discussion of hand orientation and strength of the edge vs flat.

Incremental drill (slowly add steps to build a long sequence): A & B in Eisenport. 

1. A approaches B.  B lunges when A comes into measure.

2. A parries B's lunge.

3. A counter-attacks (tried cuts first, then thrusts).

4. B parries A's counter-attack.

We developed this without masks, then put on masks for more vigorous practice (B's counter-attack is a thrust to the face).

Looked at one of Meyer's defences from Low guard (Alber): A is in Alber lincks, B lunges at A's right shoulder, A steps (left foot) to the left and defends with a supressing cut.

Looked at the use of the cut to find measure, e.g. Oberhau to the weak of opponent's blade.  Obvious counter is to disengage, coming straight back into Eisenport.  This was then combined with the above defence from Alber.

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