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Summer Event 2020 Report -- In progress

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Over the course of the weekend we had 31 (27 subscribing members and 4 event members) adults and 4 minors.

In addition the two site custodians attended the Saturday night feast.


Category A: 21 adults, 2 children

Category B: 4 adults

Category C: 4 adults

Special: Special rates for 2 adults.

In addition there were two non-paying infants.



$3339, all attendance fees



Site: $1767.00

Food and consumables: $1190

Event memberships: $8

Kingdom levies: $69


Profit/Loss = $305


What Happened

Star and Lily to Griete

AoA to Gideon

AoA to Annabelle

Second AoA to Omid (whoops!)

Burgess to Mærwynne


Baronial Rapier Champion to James

Baronial Armoured Champion to James

Hunting prizes to Gareth and Lucie


Announcement of Baronial A&S Challenge