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Winter Revel

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Old St Michael's Church - Corbans Estate Art Centre
426 Great North Rd Henderson
Auckland 0612
Date and Time: 
Saturday, August 22, 2020 - 17:30 to 22:00

We warmly welcome you to join us for an evening of games, music and good company.

After the success of the Baronial Anniversary Pot Luck in June we have decided to do it again on Saturday the 22nd of August.




The event begins at 5:30pm, and will start with a potluck dinner followed by informal fun - games, music, dance and whatever other revelry people wish to partake in!


Please bring a plate to share, (note there are very limited kitchen facilities - see the information below) and we will feast, dance and play games into the night.  Try to bring something period (ask the stewards if you would like guidance or inspirationon what to bring) but this is not mandatory. Please bring your feasting kit and if you want to drink something other than water, bring it. 

If you have any period or period-esque games please bring them along.

There will also be a variety of music, song and dance during the evening depending on who would like to share their talents with us - this will be an informal evening, not a concert, but rather a low-pressure opportunity to share during the evening. To this end, if you have anything you'd like to offer as entertainment or performance, please let the stewards know! Be it song, music, poetry, juggling... we'd love to hear from you! If you would be willing to join in with playing an instrument for live dance music, we'd also love to know.  

If you have any banners or personal devices that you wish to display please bring them along with you to add to the atmosphere of the hall.

The evening wraps up officially at 10pm, but we can push it to a bit later if we're still enjoying the jocularity!

As usual, we'll ask everyone to lend a hand packing down: many hands make light work

We look forward to seeing old and new faces and anyone that might like to join us at this time, so please book below, and we will feast, dance and play games into the night.!

If you're new, we can help you with something to wear, feasting kit, and suggestions on what food to bring, please contact the stewards as soon as possible.

Dates and times

Saturday August 22nd, from 5:30pm.

Price and bookings

  • adult: $10 (SCANZ members), or $12 (not yet SCANZ members)
  • youth 14 years and under: free
  • PLUS a plate for the pot-luck dinner

Please book first, then pay by direct deposit into Ildhafn's bank account. You'll get the account details when you fill in the booking form. Otherwise you can pay cash at the door, but booking in advance is still preferred please, and helps us should contact tracing be needed in future.

>>> Book here!! <<<


  • Old St Michael's Church in Corbans Estate Art Centre, 426 Great North Rd, Henderson, Auckland 0610, New Zealand
    (The entrance is off Mount Lebanon Lane in Henderson. Note this is the OLD St Michaels Church, not the new one on the other side of Great North Road.)
  • Please note no open flames allowed at this site, so no candles, please.
  • Kitchen facilities are very limited, so it's best if you plan to bring something that does not require heating or refrigeration.  Crockpots can be used and are a great option for bringing warm food. If you can bring a serving spoon even better!

What to bring:

  • A plate to share
  • Whatever you would like to drink (we will supply water)
  • Feasting kit (plate, bowl, knife, spoon, cup)
  • Period(esque) games
  • Musical instruments
  • Dancing feet!

What NOT to bring:

  • Sadly, the site desn't allow open flames, so please don't bring candles.
  • And as always in this new normal, if you are feeling even slightly unwell, please stay home.  Let us know in advance or on the day, and we will give you a full refund.


  • Steward - Eleanor Hall (Nicola)
  • Deputy Steward -Christine Bess Duvant (Chantelle)



If you're new:

This is a costumed event - we ask that you wear an attempt at clothes from before 1700 (most people wear medieval or renaissance clothes). If you do not have anything please contact us in advance and we can try to arrange something. If you want to come last minute and don't have anything to wear, we can arrange a tabard for you to wear over your normal clothes.

If you don't have feasting gear (plate, bowl, spoon, knife, cup) please let the Stewards know AHEAD OF TIME and we'll arrange something for you to borrow. There will be water on the tables, but if you want something else to drink, bring it. A jug or a cloth to cover a modern bottle can help keep things looking medieval.

If you have any questions, or would like to borrow costume, or just want to introduce yourself, please contact Eleanor or Christine via